Zelophehad’s Daughters

Proselytizing and Liberal Contempt

Posted by Eve

For me political choice is generally negative; prolonged exposure to the proponents of one set of dogmas tends to drive me into the arms of that dogma’s opponents. By the logic of this unpleasant via negativa, my upbringing in Utah County made me liberal; recent years in the ivory tower, on the other hand, have […]

Political Memories

Posted by Lynnette

The first election I remember was in 1980.   The Weekly Reader had pictures of Reagan and Carter, and our kindergarten class held our own election.  I thought Reagan had a nicer smile and looked more friendly in his picture, so I voted for him.  Several students in my Utah class were upset, because they […]

Has the Church Become Too PR Savvy?

Posted by Kiskilili

Gone are the days when Brigham Young could extemporaneously spout polemic with impunity, and for the sake of the Church’s image, it’s a good thing much of that colorful rhetoric is now squirreled away in dusty tomes. The pendulum has swung a vast distance to the other side: President Hinckley’s tenure was widely heralded as the inauguration […]

They said, “Let us win.”

Posted by Ziff

John McCain in Friday night’s debate: I’d like to tell you, two Fourths of July ago I was in Baghdad. General Petraeus invited Senator Lindsey Graham and me to attend a ceremony where 688 brave young Americans, whose enlistment had expired, were reenlisting to stay and fight for Iraqi freedom and American freedom. I was […]

Should Politicians Take Licensing Exams?

Posted by Kiskilili

Lawyers have to demonstrate their competency. So do doctors, psychologists, and a whole range of skilled professionals. You can’t so much as become a transcriptionist earning minimum wage without taking a typing and spelling test; why should you be able to become leader of the free world without meeting any criteria whatsoever other than providing […]

Making Sense of Leftist Political Discourse as a Religious Believer

Posted by Seraphine

Yesterday, I read a really interesting post by one of my favorite undergrad profs, Michael Berube. In this post, he questions why people in the Democratic party (the DLC is a prominent example) and on the left keep insisting that we need to show a greater respect for religion in the political system. His basic […]