Fun with Charts: Niblet Results

The 2006 Niblet results are available. Thanks to Dazzle for running them. I thought it might be fun to look at the results as bar charts.

Note that I have shortened some of the names of the entries; go back to the Niblets site to see the complete entires.

*FMH was on the ballot for only two of the three rounds of voting.






Kudos to Ronan for placing #2 as best blogger and as #1 (tied) for best commenter.


*Rebecca was on the ballot for only two of the three rounds of voting.


Ardis Parshall gets many votes as best blogger (Question 6) and also as “best thing” (Question 9). Is this a compliment? πŸ™‚






  1. Oh, burn. Weirdly, this is the first I’ve heard about being nominated, and I’m kind of baffled about it. Thanks, um, whoever. (I confess I did not vote.)

    And I’ve got your back, Costanza.

  2. Matt B, it’s always possible that there was a butterfly ballot kind of problem, causing your votes to end up going to other commenters by the name of Matt. (Come to think of it, “commenters named Matt” could be a category all its own.)

    Thanks for making all these lovely charts, Ziff. And I just have to say, wow! A bunch of people voted for us! I’m seriously flattered. At this rate, ZD could someday be as popular as the Great and Spacious Building.

  3. Oh, I’m not disappointed with the results so much as I am bemused that I was on the ballot at all. Maybe they meant Matt W.

  4. Well, I’m glad to see the folks over here at my favorite blog got some credit! (I voted for you all)
    Way to go.
    So, those of you who didn’t get nominated for popular anything in HS can now feel vindicated.
    “best group blog”
    Let’s see you crowd surf.

  5. Matt, I can out do you on cluelessness. Lastyear I didn’t even know what it was. My computer broke down during the voting and I went to the library and checked in. I thought hmmm…what is this?

    Then I thought, Oh, maybe somebody will say me. It was one of the funnest ten minutes of my life, I must say. I really was surprised.

    So I know these things matter.

    Congratulations, ZD, you guys have a good blog.

  6. [crowd surfs crowd surfs crowd surfs]

    Thanks, Jessawhy, that’s very nice of you. I must say, this is the first time in my life I’ve been part of anything that won anything based on popularity.

    Um…what’s crowd surfing? (Now you begin to see why I didn’t win anything in high school…)

  7. Eve, I’ve never actually crowd surfed, but I think it involves a lot of people touching your butt.
    Better to try it out virtually first.
    Then attend a Stones concert or something. πŸ™‚

  8. Kaimi,
    Thanks for the wikilink, I think I mean to suggest Pearl Jam for Eve’s real life crowd-surfing experience.
    (It is funny how the picture actually shows somebody’s hand on the surfer’s butt)

    BTW, when are we going to get some new threads? I’m discovering more sites in the bloggernacle since this one has been low on content for a week or so, but the others aren’t nearly as good (hence the Niblett award, right?)
    Or, if you don’t have any new ones soon, can you point me to your favorite old ones? (I’ve only been hanging around since November . . .)
    PS, If there’s a zero tolerance policy for whiners, feel free to send me out crowd-surfing. I surely deserve it. πŸ™

  9. Oh, MY LANDS, Kaimi, I’m so not doing that. At church I sometimes get this mistaken idea that I’m a radical, but when it comes right down to it, I’m just a nice conservative Mormon girl tripping along demurely my long skirts. I can’t even say “damn” and “hell” without feeling guilty. No way am I ready for Pearl Jam (although my husband loves them. He’s a wild man.)

    This discussion has brought back a funny memory, though. My last, very cool mission companion loved and missed mosh pits. (Naturally, she had to explain what they were to me.) So one p-day eve we put on Enya and “moshed” (jumped on our beds together). It’s one of those things that was really fun but I think you have to have been a missionary to understand because as I’m trying to explain the joy of it it sounds lame even to me.

    Jessawhy, sorry about the lack of content around here. The giant maw of school has descended and is chewing some of us up into little tiny pieces. Poor Kiskilili is more or less on a blogging, email, and telephone fast because–well, it’s a long story that involves a truly lunatic advisor who thinks she can take classes, TA classes, and study for her exams. I just got back from a conference in Atlanta last weekend, and tonight I’m packing to go visit Lynnette, who I know has got a lot of proposal deadlines coming up and conference papers to write this month, which is no doubt why she’s been scarce. We’re planning to work really, really hard and study soooooo much over the next five days….yeah, right.

    But I do have a couple of posts in the hopper. I’ll try to polish one of them up and get it out before we crash to a complete standstill. Right as we win an award (which, frankly, would have deservedly gone to FMH if they’d been tallied for all three rounds. But still.)

    And hey, no worries about whining! Where would the Bloggernacle be without whining? There wouldn’t even BE a bloggernacle. πŸ˜‰

  10. Also, Kaimi, you so deserved to win as the best promoter of the Bloggernacle community. I’m always impressed at how you seem to be everywhere at once!

  11. Eve,
    I’m sorry that you guys are swamped. That sounds rough.
    Hope you have fun visiting Lynnette and that you accomplish all you aim to and more!
    In the meantime, I’ll just find other ways of keeping busy. (clipping toenails comes to mind, as does the disastrous state of my house . . .)

  12. Eve, right before I left on my mission I was moshing at a Lenny Kravitz show and this guy reached right inside my bra to cop a feel! I said, “HEY! What are you doing???” because even in the close-ups of a mosh pit, this is not acceptable. His response? “OH, sorry. I thought you had some weed in there.”

    Yep, I always keep my weed in my bra.

    The next week I left for the MTC. No moshing there. Just demure handshakes πŸ™‚


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