Zelophehad’s Daughters

Chicken change: A step forward or a sidestep?

Posted by Ziff

How has the Church’s view on homosexuality changed over time? In a post at T&S last year, Kaimi gave an overview of some of the major changes, and summarized them as follows: Over the course of the past three decades, the church’s stance has evolved from virulently anti-gay and homophobic, to its current soft-heterosexist approach […]

Chicken Patriarch Soup for the Soul

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Why did the Chicken Patriarch cross the road?

Chicken Patriarchy Dissected

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Not infrequently statements from Church leaders contain instances of full-fledged Chicken Patriarchy in all its muddled, labyrinthine, self-contradictory splendor. But in other cases, both patriarchy and equality are being taught separately as appropriate ideals.

The Legend of Patriarch Hollow

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Embosomed in the gentle forests and river valleys that grace the eastern seaboard of our nation there lies, sequestered in a remote glen, a quiescent and somnolent hamlet still known to its superannuated denizens by the appellation “Patriarch Hollow.” In despite of their inexorable, diurnal confrontations with the exigencies of sublunary affairs, the inhabitants of […]

Follow-up on Huckabee and “Chicken Patriarchy”

Posted by Seraphine

As a follow-up to ECS’s post on Huckabee and “Chicken Patriarchy”, I thought I’d link to this post which explains in more detail how “submit” is discussed in evangelical circles and how Huckabee’s recent explanations do seem to be either a substantial revision of evangelical beliefs or a deceptive way of making evangelical teachings more […]

The Trouble with Chicken Patriarchy

Posted by Kiskilili

When it comes to patriarchy, the Church is all over the map. Husbands preside, but husbands and wives are equal partners. “While the husband, the father, has responsibility to provide worthy and inspired leadership, his wife is neither behind him nor ahead of him but at his side” (Boyd K. Packer). The two are “equally […]