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Galdralag is pursuing her doctorate in history and wondering daily why she picked a field that requires a minimum eight years postgraduate training. (Galdralag, incidentally, is the name of the magic spell meter in Old Norse poetry. Email galdralag1 at gmail dot com.)

Katya is a librarian in New England. She enjoys reading, knitting, and lifting weights (because sometimes you have to break stereotypes). Her ideal Church calling would be “ward hymn book repairer.”

Lynnette is a failed academic, with a PhD in theology but no job, who is now attempting to figure out what in the heck to do with her life. She presides over ZD, and is open to bribery. (Email lynnette.zd at gmail dot com.)

Melyngoch is a PhD candidate in medieval English. She has a nose piercing in her soul and is coming to terms with her preference for shallow TV to writing her dissertation. She also bakes a lot of pies, mostly as a bribe so that her family members will keep putting up with her.

Mike C majored in mathematics and now works on the epidemiology of herpes viruses. (Just to clarify, he doesn’t have herpes but he’s working on it.) With this background he is very popular at parties. He has five children and a wonderful wife. He currently teaches early-morning seminary, probably as penance for some shenanigans in the pre-existence. He started blogging by accident and has continued because so far no one has managed to stop him.

Petra was a linguist in another life; in this one, she mostly hangs out on the Internet. She loves to read, run barefoot, and bake bread, although she typically only tries two of those three at once.  She has also been known to hike, but only to make her husband happy.

Vada has a BA in anthropology and a minor in computer science, and is currently a SAHM with three boys. She writes, and hopes to someday publish a book.

Ziff (who is rather accustomed to being the token male, having grown up with six sisters and no brothers) is an academic imposter stathead. His name comes from Mosiah 11, where we learn that evil King Noah went so far as to tax the people’s ziff at a rate of 20%. He and his wife are the parents of three amazing children. (Email “zd ziff at gmail dot com”.)

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