11 thoughts on “ZD Goes Buzzfeed

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    I got “Men have priesthood and women have motherhood,” and the accompanying GIF is of a woman spinning on her pregnant belly like a top. I can’t stop laughing.

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    I hate you too. I don’t have time today to explore all the lovely wit and snark to be ferreted out in this wonderful, brilliant byte of internet. But I made time, so I love you too, and I’m so glad you’ll be there in hell with me. Let’s have a weekly tea party called Wit & Snark.

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    Yes all men must die
    but we are not men
    (we are *mothers who know*)

    Petra, this is the greatest and best and JS as “Bae” made me snort sort of grossly.

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    Oh hells yeah women are more spiritual.

    PS I worship at the altar of Petra btw

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