New ZDs!

We are excited to announce that we’ve adopted two more ZDs: Beatrice and Galdralag, from the outstanding blog Both Sides Now.

Galdralag shares a bit of their history:

Beatrice and I (Galdralag) met as missionaries when she became my trainer. For our very first companionship study she suggested that we research the role of Eve. I knew then we would be good friends. We quickly learned that we had a surprising amount of common interests – we both loved accompanying people on the piano, we both enjoyed reading for pleasure, and we both had lots of questions about the doctrine and culture of the religion we were raised in.

Since then we’ve both come home and gone on to grad school. Beatrice completed her doctorate (in Child Psychology), and I’ve still got a couple of years to go before I finish my dissertation (in History). Beatrice has married and become a mother, and, though I’ve been in a couple of serious relationships, I’m still single. Over the years we’ve continually exchanged long emails about issues relating to feminism, gender studies, and our own places in the LDS church.

And, last but not least, because inquiring minds want to know: Galdralag is the name of the magic spell meter in Old Norse poetry.

Welcome! It’s great to have you here.


  1. Zelophehad is a fecund old guy, isn’t he? But he does have a knack for wonderful daughters–always glad to meet the new ones!

  2. Oh, this is great! I recently discovered “Both Sides Now” and absolutely love it (not least because every time I go I have Joni Mitchell crooning in my mind’s ear for a few hours. 🙂 Very excited about this development.

  3. Awesome! Welcome aboard, Beatrice and Galdralag. I’ve been following Both Sides Now for quite some time. I really identified with your series on emotional abuse in missionary companionships.

    Are you going to be blogging in both places, or are you closing down Both Sides Now?

  4. Thanks, all! We’re both happy to be here.

    @ Keri – for now we plan on keeping Both Sides Now going.

    And about the emotional abuse series – you are not alone. That series (by Beatrice) has brought traffic to BSN almost daily. So many people are googling with search terms like “emotionally abusive companion” and “abusive LDS mission president” that it’s become a cause of concern. We’re trying to put something together that will bring more attention to the issue in a constructive way. Hopefully we’ll be able to address it in a way that will help future missionaries and offer resources and healing to those who have been hurt. We’ll post as things fall into place.

  5. Ohh yay! I’ve been behind on the blogs lately, but this is an exciting development. ZD and Both Sides are two of my favorites.


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