Zelophehad’s Daughters

Ten Thousand Comments

Posted by Lynnette

In our recent discussion of theory and practice, ZD hit 10,000 comments.  (The 10,000th comment, by the way, was Geoff J’s #6 on that thread.  Congratulations, Geoff; your prize, a T-shirt that says “This is What a Feminist Looks Like,” and a subscription to BUST magazine, will be in the mail.)  I have to say […]

Worrying About Salvation

Posted by Lynnette

The possibility of universalism comes up every so often in the bloggernacle (see for example, these discussions at M*, BCC, and NCT.)  In reading these conversations, I’ve realized that my own universalist leanings are not particularly unusual, at least in the context of the Bloggernacle.  (Further evidence of its apostate nature, some might say.)  I […]

Unfulfilled Promises

Posted by Seraphine

So, I’m not able to post much about anything that doesn’t relate to the reasons my life is currently falling apart. This post is connected to the post I made on “Trusting God,” but my questions and thoughts are slightly different. What do you do when God makes promises to you (and you know it’s God), but those promises aren’t […]

Implied Statistical Report Graphs

Posted by Ziff

Over at T&S, Kent Larsen wrote an interesting post based on the Church’s statistical report from Conference. He compared this year’s data with statistical reports from 5, 10, and 25 years ago. Since I find this kind of speculation so entertaining, I searched lds.org and found statistical reports all the way back to 1973 to […]

In Defense of Negative Feminism

Posted by Lynnette

One of the things that most struck me at the recent Claremont conference was the extent to which I was doing what I might call “negative feminism.”  I’m using “negative” both in a kind of netural, descriptive sense (in academic theology, there’s a tradition of “negative theology” which emphasizes what we don’t know about God), […]

General Conference and the Sensus Fidelium

Posted by Lynnette

A fun concept in Catholic teachings is the notion of the sensus fidelium, the “sense of the faithful.”  The idea is that the work of the Spirit guiding the church can be found not only in the teachings of ecclesiastical leaders, but also in the beliefs  and experiences of the members of the church, the […]

Blessings of Understanding and Love

Posted by Vada

I’ve been wanting to put this post up for a while. The second annual World Autism Day gave me the impetus I needed to actually finish and publish it. A while ago I was in the waiting room of a local children’s clinic, waiting for my son’s doctor’s appointment. There was another boy there with […]

Thoughts from the Claremont Conference

Posted by Lynnette

I spent last Friday at the Claremont conference, “Mormonism through the Eyes of Women.”  It was an amazing experience.  I’ve been to a lot of different Mormon conferences in the last couple of years, and presented at more than one of them, but none of them felt quite as intense to me as this one […]

Contemplating the Divine Feminine

Posted by ZD

(In case you missed our April 1 transformation)