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Books, Mormons, and Statistics

Posted by Katya

If you like books and statistics, you’ll love LibraryThing. They have 554,277 members who have cataloged 33,647,263 books of which 3,850,295 are unique works not shared by anyone else on the site. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s [Philosopher’s] Stone is owned by more people than anyone else (37,254 copies, 3 of which are mine), although […]

Why Do We Need the Holy Ghost?

Posted by Lynnette

The study of the Holy Spirit (sometimes called pneumatology) is an under-developed area of Christian theology.  While volumes of ink have been dedicated to explicating the precise relationship between the Father and the Son, the third Person of the Trinity remains much more elusive, sometimes showing up only as a kind of afterthought.  This is […]

Posted by ZD

“A Mormon president is coming” — at least before an atheist or a Muslim one