Zelophehad’s Daughters

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fun new bloggernacle blog on Building Zion

Secular Usage of “Preside”

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In a discussion last year at T&S about what it means for a husband to preside, Jim F. argued that it doesn’t really matter what preside means outside the Church because the word just isn’t much used outside the Church (and perhaps court). Kiskilili disagreed, saying that she thought that secular usage was more common. […]

Enrichment Activities

Posted by Vada

I woke up today and for the first time in my life I actually wanted an Enrichment calling. Weird, I know. I think one of the things that spawned this desire was the comment someone made recently on another blog (sorry, I can’t remember who or where) that they had activities where the pastor/priest/rabbi/whatever of […]

Why I Don’t Want to Believe in Heavenly Mother

Posted by Lynnette

It’s high time I confess a heresy that may put me at odds both with many Mormons and with many feminists: I’m not really all that enamored of the idea of the divine feminine, of the doctrine that we have a Heavenly Mother. I don’t recall when I first encountered the teaching that we have […]

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Can blogging derail your career?

Does Learning More About Mormonism Make You Dislike It More?

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In a discussion of Romney’s “Mormon Problem” on a recent Bloggingheads video, Amy Sullivan makes the following observation: What really interests me about Mormonism is it’s very different from the situation Kennedy faced in that with anti-Catholicism, a lot of it was based on misinformation about Catholics and misunderstandings, and there, learning more about it, […]

Homeschooling Reservations

Posted by Eve

When it comes to a child’s primary and secondary education, parents have three choices: public, private, home. Each has both its peculiar advantages and its undeniable drawbacks.

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Challenges for women in the work force (you can be liked or respected, but not both)