Zelophehad’s Daughters

Step 1: Be Mormon…and Male

Posted by Petra

Or, What The Media Doesn’t Mention About Mormons in Business The Economist recently published an article about the prevalence of Mormons among successful businesspeople, and it’s certainly not the first publication to do so; there’s an entire book dedicated to the so-called “Mormon Way of Doing Business.” (Are we, as a people, really so prevalent […]

Preside-Plus-Plus or Double-Plus-Glack?: Chicken patriarchy and language change

Posted by Melyngoch

Any good descriptive linguist will tell you that words aren’t defined by the dictionary; they’re defined by the communities who use them. Consequently, a word like “preside” doesn’t necessarily mean, in the context of Mormonism, what a general-use dictionary says it means. While its secular/worldly/dictionary definition might be “to exercise authority or control”1 or some […]

Women and the LDS Church: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives Conference

Posted by ZD

If you’re in Utah in August, you should definitely check this out. It looks like a great conference. See details here.  

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Posted by Apame

I’ve been reading a book and it has me all curious about something.  So, just let me know, in the comments. E or I Which do you lean more towards?


Posted by Apame

I wrote this two years ago and just happened to come across it today.   My senior year at BYU was pretty darn lame.  But, you know, it was only lame because I made it lame with my panic.  You see, it was the first time I actually realized that I was going to be […]

A Marsupial Heart

Posted by Melyngoch

Today is a day when I wish to honor the crowning glory of God’s creation, that being which is supernal among God’s children, whose qualities mirror as no others’ do the supreme love, grace, and dignity of its creator; whose elegance, gentleness of soul, and unique reproductive capacities bespeak its divine origins.  I speak of […]


Posted by Melyngoch

On the Friday before Easter, I went to a Tenebrae service at a Luthern church on the other side of town. We sang hymns in minor keys and read through the passion story, up to the Crucifixion and ending there, as the candles in the church were slowly extinguished, and the sun outside the high […]