Sep 15

Why old LDS men are pushing marriage

It’s not quite General Conference time yet, but the semi-annual marriage question has arisen early this fall. After last April’s Conference, the Salt Lake Tribune popped the question; this time, it’s in the Sacramento Bee, of all places. The Exponent has talked about it lately, and after a fireside with Elder Oaks on Sunday night, my Facebook feed has exploded with discussion.  It’s the old menace-to-society dilemma: as the Tribute put it, why are young LDS men pushing back marriage? Continue reading

Sep 04

Recently Overheard (Over read?) on Facebook

So…my old roommate announces that she’s been called as the Personal Progress consultant in her ward.  She asks anyone if they remember any good projects they did or really enjoyed in Personal Progress, to be used as suggestions for things she can organize.

Some people  I do not know replied thus, in no particular order: Continue reading