Zelophehad’s Daughters

The Circularity of “Separate but Equal”: A Dialogue in Socratic Form.

Posted by Melyngoch

Socrates and his pal Piggly-Wiggly are out for a post-Thanksgiving pre-Advent walk down by the river. Piggly-wiggly: . . . and you know what else? Short people. Short people just need to learn to accept their divinely-appointed height role. It’s not a lesser role, just because they’re not allowed to hold public office or propose […]

Gratitude and Grace

Posted by Lynnette

A couple of years ago, I wrote a Thanksgiving post about my ambivalence about gratitude, and why, while I see the value of it, I think it’s a problem to dictate it, or to use injunctions like “be grateful” as a weapon against those who dare to express unhappiness about anything. I’ve been thinking about […]

I’m thankful for Feminist Mormon Housewives

Posted by Ziff

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the blog Feminist Mormon Housewives.

Chicken Patriarch Soup for the Soul

Posted by Kiskilili

Why did the Chicken Patriarch cross the road?

The Fine Art of Spiritual Vaccines

Posted by Petra

I was recently called as my ward’s early-morning seminary teacher. I’ll pause to let you all wince. There are many challenges to this calling, but, to my surprise, waking up at 5:15 AM is not the greatest challenge. (This isn’t to say it’s the smallest challenge, either; I’m not a morning person, at all, and […]

Quantity vs. Quality: If you could only have one on a spiritual desert island…

Posted by Apame

I have this weird relationship with visiting teaching. I really like it, actually.  I like it for its ultimate point: to make sure everyone has, if not a couple of friends in the community, at least someone who is making sure you’re okay.  I’m all about making dinners, babysitting kids for bedridden sisters, or sending […]