Zelophehad’s Daughters

Tidbits from SMPT

Posted by Lynnette

I spent the last few days at Utah Valley University, attending the annual conference of the Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology. It was an intense couple of days; I feel like I’m in a kind of intellectual and social overload and the introvert in me would now like to go hide in the mountains […]

Being a 30-something Single in the Church: Part VI, Divorce

Posted by Seraphine

Recently, a reader of ZD (who would like to be known as “Jack”) sent me an e-mail, wondering if I was going to make the topic of divorce part of my series. I told him I hadn’t planned on it, not because I don’t think it’s an important topic, but because I’ve been grounding the […]

Young Female Mormon Scholars at JI

Posted by ZD

Check out Lynnette’s discussion of her experience as a woman in the academy as part of a very cool new series at the Juvenile Instructor on young female LDS scholars. (And next up at ZD: Kiskilili on life as an Akkadian demonness and all-around heretic, followed by Ziff discussing life as a statistic statistician and […]

Through the Looking Glass: The Worth of Men

Posted by Kiskilili

(See here.) Men have a sacred role in the purification and sanctification of women, said a member of the Coven of the Sixty-six at Tuesday’s devotional. Whether a father, husband, brother or son, men have the divine nature to love others and the destiny to complete women, said Elder Gwendolyn L. Petunia.

Languages of Faith

Posted by Lynnette

One of my more memorable sacrament meeting talk experiences involved a talk for which I was assigned a somewhat theological topic. I confess that I couldn’t resist bringing in observations from some of my academic work. I did, however, make an effort to make sure it was a church talk, rather than an academic presentation. […]