Zelophehad’s Daughters


Posted by Eve

At the moment I have several academic projects whose deadlines are looming–along with some demanding family responsibilities–so I’ve decided to go on a blogging sabbatical for the rest of 2008 in order to concentrate my limited time and energy on those other priorities.  I have no doubt I’ll eventually be drawn back to the endless […]

Vaccinations: My Choice for My Children

Posted by Vada

Jana has a great post up over at Exponent about an experience she had with her son as a baby. At the end she asks these questions: I am curious what experiences have contributed to your parenting styles/philosophies? Are there incidents that dramatically shaped your approach to nurturing or caregiving? I wanted to answer these […]

Excessive Road Signs and Arbitrary Detailed Commandments

Posted by Ziff

Do traffic signs make us safer? A couple of months ago in The Atlantic, John Staddon argued that, on the whole, they may not: I began to think that the American system of traffic control, with its many signs and stops, and with its specific rules tailored to every bend in the road, has had […]

There’s a Fly in My Room…

Posted by Vada

…and I want it to leave. I can think of two possible ways to get rid of it. A) Turn off the light. B) Kill it. A is problematic because I would feel guilty about turning the light back on, since my husband is in bed asleep next to me. And I can’t actually go […]

Posted by ZD

Was Eve Equal to Adam in Size?

General Conference Closed Thread

Posted by The Bouncer

If you have any thoughts about General Conference, please take them elsewhere. Move along.