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On Asking to Be Released

Posted by Vada

I know we’ve talked about this subject before, but since I’m currently debating with myself over it, I decided to bring it up again and let the rest of you debate with me. I’m currently the leader of the wolf den in cub scouts (with another woman) and the teacher of the 6-7yo primary class […]

Crises of Faith

Posted by Lynnette

A topic that came up several times at Sunstone this year, and generated some thought-provoking discussion, was that of crises of faith.  This got me thinking about the kind of standard “crisis of faith” narrative.  Such a crisis might be set off by any number of things–disturbing information about Church history, prayers that remain unanswered […]

Posted by ZD

Vada’s guest post at MMW

How Has the Bloggernacle Changed Your Experience of Church?

Posted by Eve

Since a number of my siblings and co-bloggers are involved in more exciting activities than I am (going on vacations, attending Sunstone without me!) or more exhausting activities than I am (packing and moving in the blistering heat), I’ll take it upon myself to keep the blog afloat.


Posted by Vada

Like all of my family, and most people I know, I get easily addicted to computer games (currently it’s various word games on facebook, but it changes). I can also get very into TV shows, a few video games, and all sorts of books. All of this combines, at times, to make me incredibly unproductive. […]

Posted by ZD

Are books overwritten? (Certainly blog posts are not!)