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Know Your Naccle I: Match the Comment to the Commenter

Posted by The Bouncer

By our reckoning, it’s time for a well-earned break from aggregator politics, Proposition 8, and the finer points of topless-male-missionary-calendar excommunication. Following are nine excerpts from posts and comments–some quite recent, some positively antique–made by nine well-known denizens of the Bloggernacle. Can you identify the blogger who said each of the following? (Hint: each blogger […]

The Appeal of Penance

Posted by Kiskilili

Theologically, I find it satisfying not to have a rigid, mechanically enacted code of penance but instead to employ a flexible system whereby we express genuine contrition, abandon our sins, and accept God’s mercy. Such a system is satisfying in its very insistence on the spontaneity and thus the authenticity of our remorse, in its focus on the concrete […]

Posted by ZD

Don’t make a calendar with pictures of topless RM’s or you might get excommunicated.

Another Random Survey

Posted by Kiskilili

As with the first Random Survey, authored by Lynnette, I thought it might be fun to take a break from blog discussions in which we gaze in a trancelike state toward Adam and Eve’s belly buttons, contemplating whether such things exist, as it were, and conduct a survey for no overarching purpose other than your reading and […]

A Paean to Pirates

Posted by Kiskilili

I’m head-over-heels in love with what I like to refer to affectionately as the “Pirate Movies” (known in more formal circles as Pirates of the Caribbean 1-3). And, yes, I do mean all of them, including the sequence set on the island of the cannabalistic Pelegostos in the second film (how can you not love a language […]

Abraham and God: A Case Study in the Complexities of Relationships with the Divine

Posted by Kiskilili

Commentators on the Hebrew Bible have sometimes remarked on the book’s general lack of interiority, or the narrowness of the windows into the emotional dimensions of its characters’ behavior (especially compared to modern literature). Events are frequently conveyed with a laconic straightforwardness whose tone can be frustratingly difficult to decipher. And nowhere is this stylistic feature more stark, almost breathtaking in its eerie […]

Abraham and Milgram

Posted by Lynnette

(Disclaimer: I’m not really attempting in this post to give a plausible read of Genesis 22, as I realize that my speculations about Abraham have little basis in the scriptural text. Rather, I’m hoping to use the story as a way of raising general questions about the potential consequences of obedience vs. integrity situations. And, […]