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The Evils of Email

Posted by Eve

May has been a month of email trauma.

Tracting: Is It Worth Doing?

Posted by Ziff

We tracted a lot in my mission. It was the activity we defaulted to if we had nothing else to do, and we frequently had nothing else to do. But nobody I ever met through tracting was ever baptized. I’m sure this is at least partly a reflection on my (lack of) skill as a […]

The Joy of Being “Not Pregnant”*

Posted by Vada

Last August I started a post entitled “Enjoyment and Productivity, or, The Adventures of Supermom.” I was celebrating the fact that I was writing quite a bit, and loving it. But not only was a writing a lot, I was doing better about keeping up with all of the other things I was supposed to […]

Posted by ZD

Congrats to FPR for three years of fine blogging

My Trouble with Spectator Sports

Posted by Ziff

On April 29th, the San Antonio Spurs beat the Phoenix Suns and dismissed them from the NBA playoffs. I’ve been a passionate fan of the Suns for several years, and I was hugely disappointed that they hardly put up a fight, losing this first round series, 4-1. I watched parts of the series, but not […]

Unfulfilled Priesthood Blessings, and the Power of Religious Ritual

Posted by Lynnette

A recurrent problem in Mormonism is that of how to make sense of patriarchal blessings which make promises that don’t come to pass, or are even just plain wacky. (For some recent bloggernacle discussion of the issue, see here and here.) One common explanation when this happens is to interpret it as a communications breakdown, […]

Priesthood Attenuation

Posted by Kiskilili

There was a time not so long ago when only priesthood holders could offer sacramant meeting prayers. Priesthood blessings were said unequivocally to be more efficacious than ordinary prayer. And the priesthood may have even enabled those who held it to more appropriately interpret scripture and other sacred text than non-priesthood-holders. 

Posted by ZD

Being feminist in a patriarchal church

Posted by ZD

Researcher looking for Mormon Feminists