Zelophehad’s Daughters

Using Human Reason to Think About God

Posted by Lynnette

A question which often arises in theological discussion is that of whether we mere mortals are in any position to make sense of these kinds of topics in the first place. One common argument is that the things of God are incomprehensible to mortal understanding, and we shouldn’t expect to understand them with our finite […]

Posted by ZD

Buy a diamond in the US between 1994 and March 2006? Get money back in the De Beers monopoly settlement.

Posted by ZD

Which countries have the best looking and ugliest flags?

Who should have the calling?

Posted by Vada

Please answer gender-appropriately, as I’m curious if men and women feel differently about this. Also, if you’re single feel free to answer hypothetically. n Would you rather hold a time-consuming calling or would you rather your spouse held one? I’m a woman, and I’d rather hold the calling myself. I’d rather my husband held the […]

Follow-up on Huckabee and “Chicken Patriarchy”

Posted by Seraphine

As a follow-up to ECS’s post on Huckabee and “Chicken Patriarchy”, I thought I’d link to this post which explains in more detail how “submit” is discussed in evangelical circles and how Huckabee’s recent explanations do seem to be either a substantial revision of evangelical beliefs or a deceptive way of making evangelical teachings more […]

Mormon Masculinity and Theological Blood Sport (Or, What We Mormon Girls Look For In the Boys We Date)

Posted by Eve

At this point in my life I happen to be pretty thoroughly acquainted with, and very fond of, two unrelated men able to recite myriads of scriptures and general-authority citations at the drop of a hat. Both are the uncontested theological authorities of their marriages; their wives might timidly pose questions or even more timidly […]

From the Children’s Songbook to the Hymn Book

Posted by Ziff

If I understand correctly, several hymns in our hymn book appeared first as children’s songs. Isn’t this the case for Called to Serve, I Am a Child of God, and Families Can Be Together Forever? So, since the precedent is set, I would like to see Beautiful Savior, which currently appears only in the Children’s […]

More Thoughts on “Raising the Bar”

Posted by Ziff

The discussion of “raising the bar” in Steve Evans’s Friday Firestorm #24 last month at BCC got me to thinking about what the possible effects of this more stringent missionary screening policy might be. The screening process that includes interviews with a missionary candidate’s Bishop or Branch President can result in two types of errors. […]

Some New Year’s Thoughts

Posted by Seraphine

Usually sometime in January, I write down a list of the things I’d like to try and accomplish during the upcoming year. It’s usually not a long list, and I’m not very intense about it, and I usually only accomplish one or two things on the list (and this is often based on the fact […]