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Vada at Mormon Mommy Wars

Posted by ZD

Don’t miss Vada’s post about her son Spencer at Mormon Mommy Wars.

FMH Janet’s Worthy Christmas Cause

Posted by ZD

As we’re sure many of you are already aware, Janet of FMH is spearheading an effort to buy animals for those who need them through Heifer International. Her post, with further details, can be found here . As she explains, you can either make a General Team Donation to Team Bloggernacle, or, if you prefer, […]

Exploring a Misconception about Feminism: Women’s Superiority

Posted by Seraphine

One of the complaints I often hear about feminism (on the bloggernacle and elsewhere) is that feminists say that women are superior to men, or that feminism is about advancing women above or ahead of men (etc.). When I hear this I am confused, since in all women’s studies classes I’ve taught and in all […]