Zelophehad’s Daughters

Posted by ZD

Contemporary authors confess what books they’ve never read.

Arguing About Women’s Suffrage

Posted by Lynnette

In early 1895, Susa Young Gates sent out a letter “to many of the prominent people in Utah” asking them to share their views on women’s suffrage, and then printed their responses in the Young Woman’s Journal. The overwhelming majority supported female suffrage. A sampling (this got a bit long, but they’re worth a read):

The Western University and the Secular Compromise: Some Implications for Literature

Posted by Eve

This afternoon one of my students met with me about his next paper, which he wants to write refuting The Da Vinci Code and defending the divinity of Jesus Christ. I found myself struggling to explain to him why he can’t write such a paper to fulfill a university assignment. I tried to help him […]

What would the church say about making polygamy legal?

Posted by Vada

I was reading this article about laws that are no longer really enforced, of which anti-polygamy laws are one. I’ve read about this other places, too. The only time anti-polygamy laws are prosecuted is when someone is being prosecuted for something else (i.e. they’re prosecuted for enabling statutory or other rape, or for misusing the […]

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Kaimi suggested last year that Mormon doctrines die by being ignored rather than repudiated. Tim Wu on Slate has a series of articles on laws that die the same way.

What’s Your Favorite Banned Book?

Posted by Ziff

Okay, so I’m a little late, but the American Library Association’s Banned Books Week was the week before Conference. They have a list of 10 most challenged books for 2006, another of 10 most challenged books of 2000-2005, and another of 100 most challenged between 1990 and 2000. So which banned book is your favorite?

Why I Love Poetry

Posted by Eve

This semester I’m taking a course in French phonetics in mild defiance of my department’s new stricter graduation timelines; I’ve already fulfilled the language requirement, and I simply want to improve my pronunciation. It’s fascinating. As I told Lynnette enthusiastically over the phone last weekend, “We’re learning all about where in the mouth you say […]

General Conference Poll

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n How many of the four general sessions of General Conference do you typically listen to, watch, or attend? 4 3 2 1 0 View Results n How frequently do you attend or watch the Relief Society or Priesthood session? Always Usually Sometimes Rarely Never View Results n What is your favorite way of experiencing […]