Zelophehad’s Daughters

Write What You Know, Know What You Write: A Review of Bradford Tice’s “Missionaries”

Posted by Eve

On my way out to Utah last week to attend my sister Melyngoch’s farewell and see her off on her mission to Sweden, my plane was delayed in Denver, and I violated the budget my husband and I agreed upon just hours before and bought the Atlantic’s summer fiction issue. (The Zelophehad family is not […]

Is There Value in Addressing Women and Men Separately?

Posted by Kiskilili

In the thread to a fabulous recent post on FMH by Starfoxy regarding whether reciprocity can be assumed when unstated, Starfoxy asks the following question: “To what extent should the ‘love & respect your spouse’ talks be given to mixed audiences so that neither group feels they have a disproportionate duty to defer to the […]

My Calling to Welcome Others

Posted by Vada

It was the first Sunday I attended my new college branch. I wasn’t even officially a member of the branch yet — I had driven Seraphine down to school a week before I got to move into the dorms. But the branch president asked to speak with me after church, and I was happy to. […]

Zelophehad’s Son

Posted by Ziff

If you’ve read our Welcome page (or Numbers 27), then you know that the real Zelophehad didn’t have a son. This makes my existence, as a guy, a crime against nature, or at least a crime against a good story. But being the only boy in the family of seven kids isn’t too bad a […]

More Thoughts on Benevolent Sexism

Posted by Seraphine

Since first reading this post over at FMH (and the fracas that ensued in the comments) awhile ago, I’ve been thinking about the phenomenon of “benevolent sexism,” or more precisely the phenomenon of “benevolent sexism” within the church.