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Toward an LDS Theology of Religions

Posted by Lynnette

“Theology of religions” has been a particularly pressing concern in Christian thought since at least the middle of the twentieth century. The term refers to the effort to make theological sense of other religions. It involves questions like, from the perspective of a Christian, is God involved in other religions, or are they merely human […]

Double Dactyls for Lynnette

Posted by Eve

Higgledy-piggledy. Mormon theology’s few female advocates must feel forlorn: Men cry, “enough with the language unfeminine, ‘soteriology’ just sounds like porn.”

Inequality: perception or reality?

Posted by Vada

Comments on various threads here have made me think about an issue I’ve always had. People (women, blacks, Latinos, just about everyone) complain about inequality a lot, but in my experience there is more complaining than there is inequality. This is not to say that inequality doesn’t exist. But I still think it’s sometimes more […]

A Lectionary of Snarky Politesse

Posted by Eve

In this Our Lovely Deseret, we place a high premium on niceness, as well we should. There is much to be said in favor of civility, and it’s probably impossible to say too much in its favor in fora such as these, but of course the snarkier, more unfeminine emotions such as irritation and anger […]


Posted by Lynnette

When I look at the religious conversations I’ve had again and again, the papers I’ve written, the books I’m fascinated by, I can’t help noticing how frequently I find myself coming back again and again to some of the same themes. There are certain questions which have haunted me for years; I feel almost compelled […]

Turning the Other Cheek

Posted by Seraphine

But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also. –Matthew 5:39 A recent post reminded me of an experience I had my first couple years in graduate school. It was a difficult, painful experience that taught me a lot […]

A Cafeteria Feminist Manifesto

Posted by Eve

In the spirit of fostering further discussion, I’d like to gently unravel several issues from the tangled skein of Seraphine’s Separate but Equal thread below and give each its own consideration. One of these is a fundamental difference in the role authority plays in Mormonism and feminism and the differing degrees of skepticism and partial […]

Lost Things

Posted by Lynnette

I don’t know quite what I think about petitionary prayer; once you raise those sticky questions about God intervening in the world sometimes but not others, it all gets so complicated. But I’m more than a little skeptical of any theory of prayer that treats God like a vending machine who dispenses blessings if only […]

Separate but Equal?

Posted by Seraphine

So, as a follow-up post to my post on the difference between “equality and sameness,” I thought I’d make a post on what “equality” might actually mean within the context of the church.

Christian Masculinity

Posted by Kiskilili

I genuinely hope this doesn’t come across as sacrilegious, but if women naturally possess Christlike attributes–if, in fact, as Michael Otterson argues, “Stereotypical ‘Female’ Qualities Are Core of What Jesus Taught,”–why was Jesus a man? In a Church that seems to embrace some sort of gender essentialism, what does it mean to that concept of […]

The Natural Woman: Enemy to God?

Posted by Lynnette

I sometimes wonder about the “natual woman.” Is she, like the “natural man,” carnal, sensual, and devilish; proud and rebellious; in need of the Spirit to transform her heart? Or is she rather loving, gentle, nurturing, and spiritual?

Making Sense of My Temple Experiences

Posted by Seraphine

I have very strong feelings about the temple, and it’s quite difficult for me to sort them out. On one hand, there are aspects of temple worship that I find immensely troubling, and even painful at times. On the other hand, I have had some of my most powerful spiritual experiences in the walls of […]

Results of Poll on Feminist Concerns

Posted by Ziff

A while back we put up a poll asking commenters to vote on their top feminist concerns with the Church. The table below shows a few results, based on responses from the 78 people who have voted as of today (although second and third concerns each received only 75 total responses). Note that the “weighted […]

The Positives of Religion

Posted by Lynnette

Before I got sucked into the world of Mormon blogging, I spent a lot of my online time participating in a community which dealt with mental health issues. I met a lot of great people there, and I learned a lot. While I appreciated the thought-provoking and informative discussion on topics like surviving depression, I […]

On Outlawing Abortion: I Have a Question

Posted by Ziff

The Utah state legislature is looking to pass a law that outlaws abortion. (Thanks to Matt Evans at T&S for the pointer.) In line with the Church’s position on abortion, it would allow for three exceptions. A woman could have an abortion if the pregnancy endangered her life (or her health, in a major and […]