Zelophehad’s Daughters

Exploring a Misconception about Feminism: Difference and Equality

Posted by Seraphine

In the bloggernacle, one of the statements that I hear over and over again from non-feminists is: “I don’t support feminism because I don’t think that women should be the exact same as men” (or as a recent blogger put it at the Blogger of Jared [it’s in the comments], we shouldn’t be “trying to […]

The Names of My Wounds

Posted by Eve

But I say unto you, that whosoever is angry with his brother shall be in danger of his judgment. And whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council; and whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire. –3 Nephi 12:22 And the fire shall try […]

Called of God

Posted by Lynnette

An acquaintance of mine was ordained in the Episcopal church last month. She’s a warm, lively person, probably around the age of my mother, who despite not knowing me well stopped to give me a hug the night before my comps defense. The path to ordination is a long one, with a lot of requirements […]

The Value of Theology

Posted by Lynnette

“It is very strange. But we Christians often seem to be completely unconvinced of the power of thought with regard to our Christian faith.” (Karl Rahner) I’m currently in my sixth year of studying academic theology. (I’ve posted before about how I ended up in this area.) Despite those inevitable moments of feeling tired of […]

Recent Down Time

Posted by ZD

We apologize for being unavailable the last day or so. We’re not sure quite how it happened, but we suspect that one of us left the Bouncer on autopilot, and he ended up bouncing himself repeatedly until our CPU quota was used up.

Defining “Patriarchy”

Posted by Vada

In recent threads people have commented on various words that the church redefines for its own use. While most are words I know are redefined by the church, one word which was often included I’d never seen on a similar list, or thought of myself. Patriarchy. Yes, I’m quite familiar with how the dictionary and […]

“Radical Heterosexuality”: Do We Want Equality?

Posted by Seraphine

Last year I started an individual blog which is currently defunct, and this is a repost of a post from that blog. I wrote it nearly a year ago, but it’s an issue that’s been on my mind lately, and our conversations about presiding reminded me of it again. It’s just a few thoughts on […]

Having One Spouse Be In Charge

Posted by Guest

(Since this issue came up several times in the comments on the feminist concerns poll, it seemed worth opening it up for discussion on its own thread.) Proud Daughter of Eve wrote: I have no problem with a man presiding in the home because someone has to be the head and if the mom is […]

Poll on Feminist Concerns

Posted by ZD

There are a number of standard feminist issues that get discussed again and again in the Bloggernacle. And we’re curious–for those of you who do have such concerns (and we’re quite aware that not everyone does), which ones would you say are the most important to you? Just for fun, we’ve decided to do a […]

Augustine, Pelagius, and Questions of Grace

Posted by Lynnette

One of the theological conundrums in Christianity concerns the relationship between God’s grace and human freedom. What role does God play in the process of salvation, and what do humans contribute? Views ranges from one extreme in which everything is done by God, with humans only playing a passive role, and another extreme in which […]

Relief Society Lessons

Posted by ZD

ZD is teaming up with Exponent II to post thoughts and ideas for upcoming Relief Society lessons from the Spencer W. Kimball manual. To keep things simple, all of the posts will be on ExII’s site, but they will come from members of both blogs. The lessons will appear twice a month, on the second […]

A Year of Blogging

Posted by Lynnette

Well, Christmas break is (sadly) over, and I believe all the ZD bloggers have made it back to their scattered homes. Perhaps this will mean that we’re going to be blogging a little more again– though I suppose the more ambitious among us might have other plans, such as (gasp!) studying. As of this past […]