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Mark IV’s Next Two Questions: Diversity within Feminism

Posted by Guest

In case people aren’t completely burned out on the topic of feminism, I thought we’d continue with Mark IV’s questions. Here are the next two. 4. It is assumed that feminists value diversity. Why, then, is feminism in America almost exclusively espoused by well educated white women? Is this a coincidence, or is that fact […]

the thing I lose the most

Posted by Vada

I’ve been enjoying all the great, deep discussion that has been going on around here lately. Unfortunately, my brain has not been up to deep discussion much recently. So I decided I needed to add a nice, fluffy post for myself, and for others whose brain power might be a little lacking at the moment. […]

An Experiential Testimony

Posted by Seraphine

I’ve never had the standard testimony experience. You know, the one that the missionaries promise investigators: if you pray about the Book of Mormon (or the church or Joseph Smith’s prophetic calling), the spirit will witness its truth to you. That isn’t to say that I haven’t prayed about all of these things. I’ve prayed […]

Using Happiness to Evaluate Belief

Posted by Lynnette

A question which came up in Kiskilili’s latest thread on feminism (and has also arisen in a number of other conversations) is that of the relationship between happiness and belief. Should we believe the things which make us the happiest? Does it make any sense for a person to believe something which leaves her feeling […]

Mark IV’s Next Two Questions: The Contradictions and Costs of Feminism

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OK, let’s try a couple more. (Sorry, Mark, in looking over these again, I realize I probaby should have paired your second question with your first.) 2. Does feminism have any built-in limitations or internal contradictions? If so, what are they? 3. We often (rightly) enumerate the ways in which women’s lives have improved as […]


Posted by Lynnette

What I remember about Thanksgiving from when I was growing up is the annual argument I (and several sisters) had with my brother Ziff about whether we should watch the annual TV showing of Charlotte’s Web or a football game on Thanksgiving afternoon. Charlotte’s Web is the same every time, he said, and every football […]

Mark IV’s First Question: The Limitations of Feminism

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Near the end of Kiskilili’s recent post “Where Do Mormon Feminists Come From?” our frequent commentator and good friend Mark IV proposed a short list of questions he’d like to see feminists discuss. Here follows the first of those questions. I’m looking forward to reading what people have to say about the issues he raises. […]


Posted by Eve

I certainly hope that what M&M recently called “civil, honest sharing” is the ideal we strive for around here. And I wholeheartedly agree with her that we need to break down us-them dichotomies and strenuously avoid casting anyone as an enemy. But, in my view anyway, avoiding differences by removing uncomfortable labels actually grants them […]

Where Do Mormon Feminists Come From?

Posted by Kiskilili

For those of you out there who find issues in Mormonism typically subsumed under the rubric “feminism,” resonant, valid, and/or interesting, how did this situation develop? How do you view yourself in relation to other self-identified Mormon feminists? How do you see your own personality traits, personal experiences, and circumstances contributing to your beliefs or […]

Coffee and Doubt

Posted by Lynnette

I enjoy the smell of coffee. When I’m studying or hanging out with friends at coffee shops, I sometimes look with curiosity at all the varieties you can order. Though my friends have patiently attempted to explain, I have to confess that I still don’t understand what all the different words mean (espresso, cappuccino, etc.) […]

Welcome, Vada

Posted by ZD

We’re quite happy to announce that we’ve added Vada to our list of ZD bloggers as an occasional contributor (presumably when she has any energy left from keeping up with her two young sons!) Vada is a SAHM and an aspiring writer, and is also the sister of our very own Seraphine. Welcome aboard; it’s […]

Most Women Are Happy

Posted by Kiskilili

I don’t know whether it’s true or not, that most Mormon women are perfectly content with the current situation (I have no empirical data on the matter), but I’m willing to accept for the sake of argument that it is. Perhaps feminist malcontents are few and far between; the vast majority of Mormon women have […]

Animals and Souls

Posted by Kiskilili

Several years ago my little sister’s friend had an indoor cat who (therefore) had never been spayed. One afternoon the cat tore the screen of a second-story window in half, jumped out, and, one can only assume, met up for a romantic interlude with an unspecified ne’er-do-well of a tom. The result was four fantastically […]

Personal Revelation

Posted by Lynnette

When it comes to personal revelation, I’m a believer; I really do think that there have been moments in my life when I’ve been on the receiving end of divine communication. I like that the doctrine plays such a central role in LDS thought; I love the idea that you can go directly to God […]

The University of Heaven

Posted by Kiskilili

I’ve never been to heaven, and will likely never go. I imagine my application will be consigned to the dumpster outside the Pearly Gates without much ado; my letters of recommendation are hardly stellar, my scores on the Holiness Records Examination are rather lackluster, and my statement of purpose is unfocused and tentative. Even so, […]