Zelophehad’s Daughters

Depression and Dualism

Posted by Lynnette

Lately I’ve been thinking (yet again) about depression, and particularly about the ways in which it gets discussed. I periodically run into disputes between those who are convinced that depression is at its core a biological illness, and those who are convinced that it’s a spiritual one. I find myself uncomfortable with both positions, because […]

Religion in . . . (not really) literature

Posted by Vada

Lately I’ve been reading romantic thrillers (yes, this is my guilty secret after 25 years of reading more redeeming books I started reading romance novels). I’ve found a few authors I like, but I’ve read most of their books, so I’ve been looking for new authors I might like. I looked at some of the […]

Religious Differences

Posted by Lynnette

I have two friends in particular, one Catholic and one Protestant, with whom I find it remarkably easy to have religious conversations. In terms of explicit doctrinal teachings, we’re often coming from quite different places. Yet somehow we seem to be on the same wavelength religiously. I’ve also met numerous Mormons whom I don’t seem […]

(The) Bishop

Posted by Lynnette

When I was a teenager, one of my good friends omitted the use of an article when talking about the bishop: for example, “I’m going to talk to bishop” as opposed to “I’m going to talk to the bishop.” I figured it was simply a language quirk of her family (and since I come from […]

Self-Styled Saviors

Posted by Eve

More than a decade ago, I worked the summer between my graduation from college and my mission at an LDS girls’ camp. Every week we had a guest speaker or fireside, and I believe it was at one of them that the girls were invited to share something about their dreams/goals/life plans with the room […]

Praying in Public

Posted by Seraphine

I hate praying in public. I will avoid it at all costs. I’m too conflict avoidant to say “no” if I am directly asked by someone in a class or at the dinner table to pray, but I refuse to volunteer for prayers. When my significant other and I sit down to eat I usurp […]

Thinking About the End of the World

Posted by Lynnette

I have to confess that I’ve never been terribly interested in eschatology (the study of “last things.”) I remember being anxious about the Second Coming when I was younger, but by the time I was attending Seminary, I found the extended discussion of “signs of the times” and detailed speculations about events described in the […]

Seraphine at T&S

Posted by ZD

Just in case anyone’s missed it, Seraphine has been guest-blogging at Times & Seasons for the past two weeks, where she’s posted on: Healing the Breach between Feminists and Non-Feminists The Emotional Component of Learning Mormon Feminists: A Divided Allegiance? Trusting God Some Thoughts on Embodiment