Zelophehad’s Daughters

The Joy of Settlers of Catan

Posted by Ziff

My impression is that the average Mormon plays more board games than does the average non-Mormon. I suspect that, just as we use ice cream as a substitute for alcohol, we use board games as a substitute for drinking games. One of my favorites is Settlers of Catan.

New Look

Posted by ZD

We hope you like it! But if you don’t, you can go down the sidebar to “themes” and select a different option. (Technical note: if you’re using a different theme and you want to keep it as the default, without the site reverting back to this one every time you come back again, you need […]

Where Is the Meaning? (Interpreting Spiritual Texts, part I)

Posted by Seraphine

Bloggernacle conversations over the past few months (especially those on women and temple covenants) have got me thinking about issues of textual interpretation. So, I decided to do a series of posts thinking about how we interpret spiritual/religious texts and whether or not there’s anything we can learn from people in the academy whose job […]

Please Welcome: The Bouncer

Posted by ZD

We at ZDs are happy to welcome our newest member, the Bouncer. The Bouncer is pursuing a Ph.D. in Auto Body and Creative Negotiations. As a child he received an Iron Sewer Rat for being the first Boy Scout ever to swim a mile through industrial sludge. He applied to law school hoping to become […]

Sunstone Feminist Blogging Session

Posted by Lynnette

I’ve been in Utah for the last several weeks, and yesterday I was able to attend a couple of Sunstone sessions, including the panel on Mormon Feminist Bloggers. It was really fun to put faces with some familiar names. I’m a little behind on sleep–it’s been a bit of a crazy week, and I’m about […]

Name Change

Posted by Seraphine

I will now be going by “Seraphine” rather than “s” on the bloggernacle. Just thought I’d make an official announcement.

Moving On

Posted by Seraphine

I have relocated living quarters 8 times in the past 6 years. The physical process of moving is no fun, especially if you’re severely depressed at the time. Still, I find the emotional process of moving on more difficult than physical relocation.

The Grace of This Darkness: Surrendering to the Mystery of Suffering and Creation

Posted by Eve

The first and most severe episode of depression began the winter I turned thirteen and lasted eighteen months, at the end of which I was numb, seared, barely alive. During the summer that followed, as I began the slow process of putting my life back together–a process which would take many years, and continues still–every […]

Finding Spiritual Sustenance

Posted by Lynnette

The neoscholastics saw grace as something entirely outside the realm of human consciousness. One participated in the sacraments of the church to receive grace, but this grace was essentially alien and separate from human awareness. This view was sharply critiqued by 20th century theologians who noted that under this framework, it was difficult to see […]

Confessions of a Philistine

Posted by Eve

Fair is fair. Just as I guiltily relish certain forms of trash, some enumerated here, there are those high- and middlebrow pleasures appreciated by thoughtful, astute people but that try as I might, I can’t seem to appreciate myself. Here follows my partial list.

Trash Art, Equivocally Trashed

Posted by Eve

Dora’s post on the end of her affair with romance novels over at Exponent II got me thinking again about fluffy, escapist, trash art, and what role it plays, or ought to play, in our lives.