Zelophehad’s Daughters

Bored by Sex

Posted by Eve

Not THAT kind of sex. Literature-classroom sex, the wordy two-dimensional substitute for the real thing. Although I’m firmly committed to the law of chastity, I don’t think I’m a prude. I think it’s possible and at times necessary to discuss sex publicly and that it can and should be done with both maturity and candor. […]

Choosing the Left

Posted by Lynnette

I’m left-handed. It’s something I’ve always thought was kind of fun, despite the inconveniences of rooms with only tiny right-handed desks (think the JSB at BYU), getting ink smudges on my hand when I write, and the concern about risking my life should I ever attempt to use power tools.

How to Read

Posted by Kiskilili

Language is unstable; texts are ambiguous. Reading, therefore, is not always a straightforward affair. This gives us leeway in how we approach our sacred texts, from the scriptures to ritual to official proclamations. Accepting the premise that a) God is good and loving in a way that makes sense to us here and now, and […]

Mood Disorders and the Spirit

Posted by Seraphine

I was inspired to write and make this post because of the series over at By Common Consent on Mormons and Mental Illness. I’m a graduate student in my late 20s who’s suffered from bipolar disorder since my early 20s. I have no formal training in psychology, but one of my academic interests is psychology […]

Do Honest Questions Aid and Comfort Anti-Mormons?

Posted by Eve

I When my dreams showed signs of becoming politically correct no unruly images escaping beyond borders when walking in the street I found my themes cut out for me knew what I would not report for fear of enemies’ usage then I began to wonder