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Now is your chance! Donate to the fMh Tracy McKay Scholarship fund!

Posted by ZD

If you haven’t heard around the ‘nacle– The fMh Tracy McKay Scholarship fund drive is in full force! They will be having give-aways all week, so donate now and get your name in early! All people who donate have a chance to win cool stuff like feminist t-shirts, canned goods, subversive bonnets and the grand […]

Mormon Feminist Lunch at Sunstone

Posted by ZD

If you’re going to Sunstone in Salt Lake next week, don’t miss the chance to eat lunch with a bunch of fun Mormon feminists from the Bloggernacle! Meet Saturday, August 3rd at 12:30, right after the 11:00 – 12:30 session ends. Just look for EmilyCC of the Exponent, who will be holding a larger version […]


Posted by Eve

At the moment I have several academic projects whose deadlines are looming–along with some demanding family responsibilities–so I’ve decided to go on a blogging sabbatical for the rest of 2008 in order to concentrate my limited time and energy on those other priorities.  I have no doubt I’ll eventually be drawn back to the endless […]

Vada at Mormon Mommy Wars

Posted by ZD

Don’t miss Vada’s post about her son Spencer at Mormon Mommy Wars.

FMH Janet’s Worthy Christmas Cause

Posted by ZD

As we’re sure many of you are already aware, Janet of FMH is spearheading an effort to buy animals for those who need them through Heifer International. Her post, with further details, can be found here . As she explains, you can either make a General Team Donation to Team Bloggernacle, or, if you prefer, […]

New Format

Posted by ZD

Welcome to the new, and maybe even improved, version of ZD. We’re still looking, however, for a plugin that takes the energy you put into blogging and uses it to complete other tasks, such as writing papers and washing the dishes.

Recent Down Time

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We apologize for being unavailable the last day or so. We’re not sure quite how it happened, but we suspect that one of us left the Bouncer on autopilot, and he ended up bouncing himself repeatedly until our CPU quota was used up.

Relief Society Lessons

Posted by ZD

ZD is teaming up with Exponent II to post thoughts and ideas for upcoming Relief Society lessons from the Spencer W. Kimball manual. To keep things simple, all of the posts will be on ExII’s site, but they will come from members of both blogs. The lessons will appear twice a month, on the second […]

Welcome, Vada

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We’re quite happy to announce that we’ve added Vada to our list of ZD bloggers as an occasional contributor (presumably when she has any energy left from keeping up with her two young sons!) Vada is a SAHM and an aspiring writer, and is also the sister of our very own Seraphine. Welcome aboard; it’s […]

Seraphine at T&S

Posted by ZD

Just in case anyone’s missed it, Seraphine has been guest-blogging at Times & Seasons for the past two weeks, where she’s posted on: Healing the Breach between Feminists and Non-Feminists The Emotional Component of Learning Mormon Feminists: A Divided Allegiance? Trusting God Some Thoughts on Embodiment

New Look

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We hope you like it! But if you don’t, you can go down the sidebar to “themes” and select a different option. (Technical note: if you’re using a different theme and you want to keep it as the default, without the site reverting back to this one every time you come back again, you need […]

Please Welcome: The Bouncer

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We at ZDs are happy to welcome our newest member, the Bouncer. The Bouncer is pursuing a Ph.D. in Auto Body and Creative Negotiations. As a child he received an Iron Sewer Rat for being the first Boy Scout ever to swim a mile through industrial sludge. He applied to law school hoping to become […]

Name Change

Posted by Seraphine

I will now be going by “Seraphine” rather than “s” on the bloggernacle. Just thought I’d make an official announcement.

New Location

Posted by ZD

All we like sheep have followed the Bloggernacle trend and moved to WordPress. We’re still settling in, so pardon the dust.

New ZD Member

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We’re thrilled to announce that Katya is joining us as a blogger at Zelophehad’s Daughters. She has this to say about herself: “I’m working on a Master’s degree in Library Science, my alias comes from taking Russian classes as an undergrad, a Midwestern winter has convinced me to take up knitting, and Melyngoch and I […]

Eve at FMH

Posted by ZD

Don’t miss Eve’s posts at Feminist Mormon Housewives: Memories of a Trailer-Trash Girlhood: Mormons and Social Class Introverted in an Extraverted Church Forgiving the Church Recovering from Seminary Mormon Women and Male-Bashing

Coming Back to Life

Posted by ZD

I considered writing something cheesy about the beginning of May and it being spring and the sun shining, but I think I’ll just say that we’re back.