Zelophehad’s Daughters

For the Discouragement of Youth

Posted by Ziff

In the “Entertainment and Media” section, the For the Strength of Youth booklet advises: Do not attend, view, or participate in anything that is vulgar, immoral, violent, or pornographic in any way [p. 11; all page references are to the PDF version]. I saw this bit of FtSoY quoted recently in a discussion somewhere on […]

Mild Molly Mormon

Posted by Mike C

(As told by Norman the Mormon, hat tip to Shel Silverstein) Mild Molly Mormon, quoth her first cousin Norman, Grew up as good Church members do. She was always in meetings, exchanging hail greetings Preparing for ol’ BYU. And while in her youth, the Church teachings, forsooth, Played sweetly upon her young heartstrings, their truth Suffused […]

Please, Emperor, Prayerfully Consider a Wardrobe Change

Posted by Mike C

In the story of the Emperor’s new clothes, the Emperor is fooled by some charlatans into paying a lot of money for some invisible clothes. As he parades through the town in his underwear, the cowed crowds lining the street applaud and praise his marvelous new clothes. It is not until a boy yells out, […]

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Posted by Mike C

My wife’s life changed forever on a hot summer evening when she was 12 years old. Up until then she had lived a fairly sheltered life in a predominantly Mormon community in a cookie-cutter suburb in the Mountain West. This was a typical suburb–sprinklers greening up the lawns, bicycles in the driveway, the occasional cat or […]

The Mormon Adolescent: Roles and Responsibilities

Posted by Beatrice

During my early years in Young Women’s, I was not given many leadership opportunities.  I don’t remember if I ever served as a councilor to a class president, but I do remember that I wasn’t called to be a class president until I was in Laurels.  This caused some anxiety for me, a shy and […]

Naming the YW

Posted by Lynnette

Kaimi recently posted on T&S about Brides Among the Beehives, with reference to Joseph Smith’s marriage to a 14-year-old. A few commenters have pointed out that 14-year-olds are not in fact Beehives, but rather Mia Maids. Though I have nothing to say at the moment about Joseph Smith’s polygamous marriages, this discussion has led me […]