Worrying About Salvation

The possibility of universalism comes up every so often in the bloggernacle (see for example, these discussions at M*, BCC, and NCT.)  In reading these conversations, I’ve realized that my own universalist leanings are not particularly unusual, at least in the context of the Bloggernacle.  (Further evidence of its apostate nature, some might say.)  I think the theological debate is an interesting one.  But in this post I want to bracket the question of whether universal salvation is possible in the context of LDS doctrine, and look at some of the more practical issues involved.  The concern most often raised about the idea is that it  leads to complacency.  In a nutshell, if everyone is eventually going to be saved, what incentive do I have to be good?  Why not eat, drink, and be merry?  Is anxiety about salvation something positive, even necessary—something that will motivate me to live better in the here-and-now? Read More