Zelophehad’s Daughters

Let’s Make the Hymnbook More of a His and Hers Book

Posted by Mike C

This Sunday in sacrament meeting we sang the hymn O God, the Eternal Father. I noticed this time, more than previous times, the gender-exclusive language: That sacred, holy off’ring, By man least understood… With no apparent beauty, That man should him desire… To walk upon his footstool And be like man, almost… I understand that […]

The Problem of Gays in LDS Theology, Part II

Posted by Lynnette

Following up to my first post on why homosexuality is a theological problem for Mormons—and the stark question of whether gays can be seen as fully human in LDS teachings—I would like suggest a few avenues for theological thought which may yield more encouraging results. 1. One possibility is to conceptualize the image of God […]

The Problem of Gays in LDS Theology, Part I

Posted by Lynnette

Note: Just in case my title isn’t clear, I would like to state at the outset that I am not asking the question  of whether I personally think that gays are fully human; rather, I am looking at elements of LDS teachings which I find particularly disturbing. Please read the post before getting out your […]

On Being Needed vs. Being Necessary: Some Thoughts on Women, Priesthood, and Responsibility

Posted by Guest

[This post, from Jacob Baker, originally appeared at his blog All Eternity Shakes: Letters From the Vineyard. It has been slightly revised from the original. Jacob describes himself as "a student of religion and a stalwart fanboy of Zelophehad's female offspring. Ok, and the guys too." We're excited to have him guest-posting for us.] Women […]

Tuesday’s Twice-Baked ZD: The Grace of This Darkness

Posted by ZD Past

In this week’s edition of Tuesday’s Twice-Baked ZD, we revisit Eve’s 2006 post where she confronts despair. The first and most severe episode of depression began the winter I turned thirteen and lasted eighteen months, at the end of which I was numb, seared, barely alive. During the summer that followed, as I began the […]

Characteristics of a Mormon Feminism, Take Two

Posted by Lynnette

Follow-up to this. 1) Theological anthropology Essential to this feminism is the belief that we are all the literal children of God, women and men alike, with infinite divine potential. This means that anything which gets in the way of the development of that potential, or undercuts the full humanity of any of God’s children, […]

Why Men Deserve a Place at the Feminist Table

Posted by Kiskilili

1. Gender roles can hurt men too. We often appeal to race relations—and activism to combat systemic racism—as a model for combating patriarchy. While the analogy comparing sexism to racism has some utility (whites and men, as overlapping classes of people, are both constructed as neutral categories and have a history of monopolizing economic and […]

Characteristics of a Mormon Feminism

Posted by Lynnette

As Eve alluded to in her most recent post, a conversation that we’ve been having lately has to do with the relationship between secular and Mormon feminism. I’ve noticed a tendency—and doubtless engaged in it myself—to take feminist theories from a variety of places and simply graft them on to Mormonism. Mormon feminism is then […]

Don’t Be My Ally*

Posted by Eve

Several lifetimes ago I went through voluntary training to become a white ally to people of color. Although much of the information was instructive and eye-opening, I never shook the feeling that something about the entire proceeding was off. For one thing, the only admissible structure of oppression was race. All of the other familiar […]

Tuesday’s Twice-Baked ZD: Critique of “The Two Trees”

Posted by ZD Past

In this edition of Tuesday’s Twice-Baked ZD, we reprise Lynnette’s critique of Valerie Hudson’s talk, “The Two Trees”. Dig in! (The original post and associated comments can be found here). ********************************************************* I would indeed be ungrateful if I didn’t acknowledge the contributions of my co-bloggers; Petra read an earlier draft and made a lot of […]

Seven Modest Outfits from the Golden Globes

Posted by Melyngoch

Sometimes it feels like “modest Hollywood” is an oxymoron. But this year, the stars at the Golden Globes proved that you can be modest even while putting on your swankiest get-up to get hammered and congratulate your filthy rich, extravagant selves on just being your filthy rich, extravagant selves. We at ZD tip our hats […]

Tuesday’s Twice-Baked ZD: Ordaining Women

Posted by ZD Past

As Lynnette mentioned in her latest post, we are beginning a new feature: Tuesday’s Twice-Baked ZD, where you get to sample some real Bloggernacle comfort food. In this feature we’ll re-post classic postings from the first eight years of the blog. We hope you enjoy these delectable dishes as much as when they were first […]

ZD Hits Accountability (Maybe) and Goes Environmental

Posted by Lynnette

We formally started ZD on January 4, 2006, which means that today is our eighth birthday. I’m not sure what it means for a blog to reach the age of accountability, but here we are. Whether or not this will make us better behaved is anyone’s guess. And if eight years is only the average, […]

Welcome to the Temple

Posted by Pandora

I’ve been working in the temple baptistery now for 6 months. And there are a lot of aspects that are really painful, just as I suspected there would be. Consider that in the baptistery, there is absolutely no role for women in the ordinances. (While there are more active roles for women in the ordinances […]

Four Troubling Theological Assertions in the Book of Mormon

Posted by Lynnette

1. Location: 2 Nephi 4 Situation: Nephi is led by the Spirit, and finds Laban fallen to the earth and drunken with wine. The Spirit tells him to kill Laban. Nephi doesn’t want to do it. So the Spirit explains that the Lord has delivered Laban into his hands and he has to go through […]

Being Prayed For

Posted by Lynnette

The oral exam I took at the end of my master’s program was a nightmare. I couldn’t remember the answers to basic questions. I learned later that the only reason they passed me was because my writing was good, and my advisor persuaded them that it would serve no purpose to fail me. But it […]

An Ordinary Life

Posted by Lynnette

First I must confess that I do in fact like the line in Little Women when Jo’s mother says to her: “You have so many extraordinary gifts; how can you expect to lead an ordinary life?” But as much as I want to see Jo live an extraordinary life, I’m finding myself more and more […]

Ritual Subordination: I Just Don’t Get It

Posted by Lynnette

I’m personally in favor of women’s ordination. But I can see why people have reservations about it. It’s a pretty radical change to make, and would involve all kinds of logistical complications. Most LDS women actually don’t want the priesthood, and are happy with what they can contribute in the current system. There’s also the […]

Being Nice

Posted by Lynnette

About a dozen years ago, I participated heavily on a message board for people with mental health issues. I made a lot of good friends there, and I felt comfortable, like I had a place. And then another Mormon appeared. Since we shared a religious background, of course we ended up talking a lot to […]

Feminism and Redemption

Posted by Lynnette

One of the most intriguing critiques of certain aspects of feminism—specifically, Christian feminism—that I’ve encountered comes from the feminist theologian Angela West, in her book, Deadly Innocence: Feminist Theology and the Mythology of Sin. She makes several provocative points. One has to do with original sin. She notes that feminists have rightly questioned this doctrine […]