Zelophehad’s Daughters

Don’t Ask. Don’t Seek. Don’t Knock.

Posted by Ziff

Here are a few things I learned from the disciplinary action Kate Kelly and John Dehlin are threatened with: The Ninth Article of Faith can pretty much be blotted out of the canon. As of 1842, there may have been “great and important” things still to be revealed. As of 2014, they have all been […]

Take This Survey: Mormons, Garments, and Body Image

Posted by Melyngoch

  Jessica Finnigan and Nancy Ross are writing an article on Mormons’ views of their bodies and garments, and are using the survey below to gather information. They want to know how you feel about your body and how you feel about your garments and how your feelings about those two things interact and/or intersect. […]

Three Lessons

Posted by Pandora

Number One: What I was supposed to learn on Pioneer Trek when I was 14 Pioneer trek is an admittedly weird tradition that has popped up in LDS stakes all over the Mountain West. And every pioneer trek I have ever heard of made sure to include the ritual known as the “Women’s Pull.”  What […]

PR, Niceness, and Exclusion

Posted by Melyngoch

The final paragraph of Michael Otterson’s recently-released blog-posty letter-to-no-one makes a closing plea for its readers to be gentle: Inevitably, some will respond to a lengthy post like this with animosity or will attempt to parse words or misinterpret what I have said, “straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel.” Nevertheless, I hope that […]

Tuesday’s Twice-Baked ZD: Why Words Matter

Posted by ZD Past

In this week’s edition of Tuesday’s Twice-Baked ZD we step into the way-back machine to read Seraphine’s explanation of why words matter. One of the things that we sometimes discuss in my Women’s Studies classes is the issue of language. Many feminists critique the use of “man” or “mankind” to refer to men and women, the use […]

“To Be Like Man, Almost”

Posted by Lynnette

“How infinite that wisdom, The plan of holiness, That made salvation perfect And veiled the Lord in flesh, To walk upon his footstool And be like man, almost, In his exalted station, And die, or all was lost.” W.W. Phelps, “O God the Eternal Father,” Hymns 175 Theologians often distinguish between a “high christology” and […]

Thoughts of a Non-Convert

Posted by Lynnette

I worry about posting this. I know it can be a touchy topic, and I don’t want to be the elephant carelessly stomping around and offending people right and left. So if I’m doing that, then tell me. Really. Then I’ll know what to do better next time. I’m not a convert.  I know, I […]

Train Tripping (Part 3)

Posted by Lynnette

Notes from a train trip from Emeryville, CA to Indianapolis, IN 10 April 2014 3:36 AM Central Time, now, as we’re in Nebraska. I fell asleep around 11:00, and while it hasn’t been continuous sleep, at least it’s been some. But I’m awake enough at the moment that I decided to get up for a […]

Train Tripping (Part 2)

Posted by Lynnette

Notes from a train trip from Emeryville, CA to Indianapolis, IN 9 April 2014 2:18 AM I read for a while last night and then tried to fall asleep. It almost happened a couple of times, but not quite. Obviously this isn’t the ideal environment for sleeping, but usually I can manage nonetheless. I think […]

Train Tripping (Part 1)

Posted by Lynnette

Notes from a train trip from Emeryville, CA to Indianapolis, IN 7 April 2014 10:04 PM I’m already packing, and it’s not even midnight. Impressive, I must say. I’m done with my suitcase; what I’m figuring out now is what to bring with me in coach. I don’t generally pay for meals on the train […]

The Negative Response to Ordain Women

Posted by Lynnette

I was not surprised to see that conservative Mormons had a negative response to the actions of Ordain Women over the weekend. But I was curious to see what specific issues would come up in the conversation about it. Toward that end, I read a 203-comment thread on a popular conservative Mormon website, created some […]

Church to Implement Stop-and-Frisk, Outst Feminist Agitators

Posted by Melyngoch

To: Public Affairs Department From: Temple Square Security Subject: Ideological Stop-and-Frisk Date: April 1, 2014 _____________________________________________ We have received your request that members of the so-called “Ordain Women” movement be quietly removed from the grounds of Temple Square and the Conference Center during this weekend’s General Conference. Unfortunately it has become difficult to determine just […]

10 Things to Like about the General Women’s Meeting

Posted by Guest

This guest post comes to us from a ZD reader and commenter who goes by Thokozile. Thokozile studies cell biology, which mainly involves looking at tiny things and describing them in complicated ways. She has also been known to play the organ, wear purple pants, and lick banana slugs. I was expecting the General Women’s […]

The Camelot Convention

Posted by Lynnette

Setting: Camelot Commons Elayne: I can’t wait for the Camelot Convention next month! I’m going to get in line for the Round Table session. Percival: If you do that, there won’t be room for the hordes of men who want to attend. Elayne: But I never have understood why women can’t be Round Table Squires. […]

American Two-Party Politics Finds a New Battleground in the Ordain Women Movement

Posted by Guest

This guest post comes to us from Esther, a globetrotting sociologist and West Coast native. She loves Jesus, her family and friends, Jimmy Fallon, Michelle Obama, fresh salsa, and Tillamook cheese. In that order. The obvious drawback of belonging to the Only True And Living Church On The Earth is associating with a lot of […]

Where is the Female Sacred Space?

Posted by Galdralag

Two months ago I had a once in a lifetime experience: I was invited to an Emirati wedding. In a vast, glittering ballroom, chandeliers festooned and arches bedecked with streaming garlands of real flowers, I sat with nearly six hundred Emirati women eating an eight-course gourmet meal, waited on by servants robed in white with […]

Stop Using Eve and the Fall as Evidence that the LDS View of Women is Progressive

Posted by Lynnette

“The incorrect idea in Christian history that wives should be dependent began with the false premise that the fall of Adam and Eve was a tragic mistake and that Eve was the primary culprit. Thus women’s traditional submission to men was considered a fair punishment for Eve’s sin. Thankfully, the Restoration clarifies Eve’s — and […]

Mr. Kafka Goes to Temple Square

Posted by Melyngoch

This is the clause I’m adding to my freshman composition syllabus next semester: If, during the course of the semester, you find that you need something from me, please do not come to my office and ask for it. By doing so you will interfere with the dialogue I am always already having with my […]

Tuesday’s Twice-Baked ZD: Reflections on Good Friday

Posted by ZD Past

In this week’s edition of Tuesday’s Twice-Baked ZD we revisit Lynnette’s beautiful reflections on the Atonement. I’ve always been a bit ambivalent about the stories surrounding Easter. I remember as a child listening to adults talking in solemn and hushed tones about the death of Jesus, and wondering how I was supposed to react. Should […]

Every Bloggernacle Argument About Feminism, As Told in GIFs

Posted by Petra

Trigger warning: feminism.