Zelophehad’s Daughters

Approaching Zion

Posted by Mike C

In my latest post I shared my words from my ward’s latest fast and testimony meeting. It was intensely personal to me; I sniffled through some of it, something I almost never do despite my good Mormon upbringing. Even so, I posted my testimony because I wanted to give encouragement to those members who, for […]

Taking Ally Isom at Her Word

Posted by Mike C

On Sunday I decided to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting and talk about my involvement with Ordain Women. I’ve transcribed below approximately what I said. In case you were wondering, in my opinion it was only the third strangest testimony of the meeting. Yay for Mormon weirdness! Next post I’ll share the response so far from […]

Mild Molly Mormon

Posted by Mike C

(As told by Norman the Mormon, hat tip to Shel Silverstein) Mild Molly Mormon, quoth her first cousin Norman, Grew up as good Church members do. She was always in meetings, exchanging hail greetings Preparing for ol’ BYU. And while in her youth, the Church teachings, forsooth, Played sweetly upon her young heartstrings, their truth Suffused […]

Making Space for Myself as an Uncorrelated Mormon–Part 2: Mormon Open Mic

Posted by Mike C

  (Previous posts about making space can be found here and here.)       I have performed stand-up comedy four times: three times for church talent shows and once at a work fundraiser. But, I have not yet mustered the courage to try stand-up at a comedy club open mic night, not yet taking that next comedic and soul-baring […]

Usage of “I know” and “I believe” in General Conference

Posted by Ziff

Geoff Nelson at Rational Faiths wrote an interesting post a few weeks ago where he looked at how often General Conference speakers say “I know” versus “I believe.” Hooray for more data analysis in the Bloggernacle! Anyway, he found that usage of “I know” has been increasing relative to “I believe” since the early 20th […]

A testimony.

Posted by Melyngoch

This week, with Lynnette here to visit, I finally succeeded in inflicting my current favorite movie ever upon the last family holdout: we made Eve watch Troll 2. I’m pleased to say that she enjoyed it much more than she expected; she was still talking about the infamous and inexplicable popcorn scene the next day. Most […]