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Temple talk trends

Posted by Ziff

Over at fMh yesterday, Sara Katherine Staheli Hanks introduced a new series, “When the Temple Hurts.” I was particularly interested in a point she made in the post about how often we discuss the temple in lessons and talks at church: The temple is a regular focus of meetings, lessons, talks, and discussions in church […]

I Loved to See the Temple

Posted by Petra

Encouraged by Primary, I grew up imagining God like my father: brilliant and impressive, but with a lively sense of humor and a deep affection for me; he could alternate easily between interviews with distinguished newspapers and a chatty phone conversation with me about whatever was on my mind. I felt close to my dad, […]

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Posted by Mike C

My wife’s life changed forever on a hot summer evening when she was 12 years old. Up until then she had lived a fairly sheltered life in a predominantly Mormon community in a cookie-cutter suburb in the Mountain West. This was a typical suburb–sprinklers greening up the lawns, bicycles in the driveway, the occasional cat or […]

“What is God really like?”

Posted by Galdralag

When Beatrice and I were serving together as missionaries, we were lucky enough to be in a district that included the mission offices.  The APs and office Elders were in our district, so more often than not we held district meetings in a cozy conference room in the main mission office building, giving us frequent […]

Mormonism Has the Most Sexist Cosmology of Any Religion

Posted by Kiskilili

Our planet’s head support staff is comprised of three males: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Heavenly Mother gets an occasional sideways glance in current publications (and so do her sister wives if you go back a bit), but is never mentioned even once in any scriptural or liturgical text; she’s a grainy mirage of a […]

Why Not Do Better Temple Prep?

Posted by Lynnette

Our latest round of debating the meaning of “hearken” has raised another problem which frequently comes up in this discussion: people being blindsided by the temple. The fact that all the covenants aren’t explicitly spelled out in advance is something I’ve never understood. Why aren’t we teaching them to people all along? How can the […]

What does “hearken” mean?

Posted by Melyngoch

This ended up a little longer than I’d intended, but I like my findings too much to trim it down. If you’re not totally entranced by descriptive lexicography, I can’t say I understand, because I don’t (what’s wrong with you?); however, I can suggest that you read the first two paragraphs, the bolded paragraph in […]

Miscellaneous Temple Questions

Posted by Kiskilili

A few months back, “Lawrence” raised an interesting question at BCC: The temple covenants when my spouse and I took our endowments differ from the current covenants. When we are asked in an interview if we keep our temple covenants, does this refer to the covenants as they were for our endowments, or the covenants […]

Shrines and Icons in Mormon Thought

Posted by Kiskilili

Recently I spent a pleasant evening with one of my sisters in a Catholic church, taking in the smell of the votive candles, the prominently placed mosaics depicting aspects of Jesus’ ministry, and the statuary, and I got to wondering about the way both sacred space and images operate in Mormonism.

Secret Vows and Time

Posted by Kiskilili

The secrecy surrounding the temple can be viewed from several different angles, but in this post I’m interested in exploring how it functions with respect to time. Because investigating details of the ceremony is forbidden to the uninitiated and people are required to receive their own endowments before being allowed to do vicarious work, time–to […]

Secrecy and the Economics of Religious Devotion

Posted by Kiskilili

Religious secrecy is nothing new; ancient mystery religions enjoyed a long history and vital following, and even some early Christian groups apparently did not reveal key doctrines to catechumens until after baptism. A number of instantiations of institutional secrecy in the Church can be identified, among them the veil over the handbook of instructions and […]

Endowed Before Mission or Marriage: Discuss and Enlighten Me

Posted by Vada

On Ziff’s recent thread the subject of the church discouraging people to get their endowments before a mission or marriage was discussed (a little bit). Since I’m very interested in the subject, I thought I’d start a post where we can discuss it. I’m going to share my experiences with and impressions about this. I […]

Making Sense of My Temple Experiences

Posted by Seraphine

I have very strong feelings about the temple, and it’s quite difficult for me to sort them out. On one hand, there are aspects of temple worship that I find immensely troubling, and even painful at times. On the other hand, I have had some of my most powerful spiritual experiences in the walls of […]

My Journey into Apostasy

Posted by Kiskilili

It’s now been almost two years since I received my endowment, and these have been, without question, the least religious two years of my life. I was not a closet feminist before my temple experience. I was quite upfront with my bishop about the fact that I think there’s no good reason for women not […]