Zelophehad’s Daughters

Miscellaneous Temple Questions

Posted by Kiskilili

A few months back, “Lawrence” raised an interesting question at BCC: The temple covenants when my spouse and I took our endowments differ from the current covenants. When we are asked in an interview if we keep our temple covenants, does this refer to the covenants as they were for our endowments, or the covenants […]

Shrines and Icons in Mormon Thought

Posted by Kiskilili

Recently I spent a pleasant evening with one of my sisters in a Catholic church, taking in the smell of the votive candles, the prominently placed mosaics depicting aspects of Jesus’ ministry, and the statuary, and I got to wondering about the way both sacred space and images operate in Mormonism.

Unfulfilled Priesthood Blessings, and the Power of Religious Ritual

Posted by Lynnette

A recurrent problem in Mormonism is that of how to make sense of patriarchal blessings which make promises that don’t come to pass, or are even just plain wacky. (For some recent bloggernacle discussion of the issue, see here and here.) One common explanation when this happens is to interpret it as a communications breakdown, […]