Zelophehad’s Daughters

Emma and Eliza

Posted by Galdralag

This essay was originally posted at Both Sides Now. Its aim is to explore how contemporary Mormon women relate to and feel about polygny. Please be sensitive in the comments. The excellent series at Feminist Mormon Housewives “Remembering the Forgotten Women of Joseph Smith” has given me pause on a lot of levels. It is […]

Polygamy and Fatherhood

Posted by Kiskilili

In the past we’ve argued repeatedly on the bloggernacle over the ways in which polygyny, in particular, does (or does not) negatively impact women, who are asked to share their husbands with rival wives but are also potentially afforded worldly opportunities while their sister wives conveniently stay home and play Hausfrau and nanny.

What would the church say about making polygamy legal?

Posted by Vada

I was reading this article about laws that are no longer really enforced, of which anti-polygamy laws are one. I’ve read about this other places, too. The only time anti-polygamy laws are prosecuted is when someone is being prosecuted for something else (i.e. they’re prosecuted for enabling statutory or other rape, or for misusing the […]