Zelophehad’s Daughters

The Conundrum of Women’s Initiatories and the Two Paradigms for Priesthood

Posted by Kiskilili

How do we lance the following Gordian knot in our theology? Ordinances are only legitimate when they’re performed by authorized priesthood holders. All authorized priesthood holders are male, exclusively. Yet ordinances performed by authorized women are equally legitimate. There have been a number of attempts to develop a theological vocabulary that describes female-performed ordinances in […]

The Problem of Women and Church Courts

Posted by Galdralag

CW: discussion of violence and sexual assault Midway through my mission, I was transferred into an area and took over teaching the new member discussions to a recent convert, a young single mother with one child. The father of her baby was an immigrant who had married a local in order to get citizenship; he […]

I am TBM

Posted by Mike C

(Best if read aloud, preferably to your children) I am TBM. TBM I am. That T-B-M That T-B-M! I do not like that T-B-M! Do you like the patriarchy sham? I do not like it, TBM. I do not like the patriarchy sham.

Please, Emperor, Prayerfully Consider a Wardrobe Change

Posted by Mike C

In the story of the Emperor’s new clothes, the Emperor is fooled by some charlatans into paying a lot of money for some invisible clothes. As he parades through the town in his underwear, the cowed crowds lining the street applaud and praise his marvelous new clothes. It is not until a boy yells out, […]

What does “hearken” mean?

Posted by Melyngoch

This ended up a little longer than I’d intended, but I like my findings too much to trim it down. If you’re not totally entranced by descriptive lexicography, I can’t say I understand, because I don’t (what’s wrong with you?); however, I can suggest that you read the first two paragraphs, the bolded paragraph in […]

Patriarchy is Cultural. Is Equality?

Posted by Kiskilili

A popular feminist argument against Mormon patriarchy asserts that it is simply a cultural relic absorbed unquestioningly from the surrounding social textures of past prophets. We learn that Paul was a product of his time, that Joseph Smith made assumptions about women’s status consonant with his own cultural milieu, or that the Book of Mormon’s androcentrism can be dismissed as […]

Theory and Practice

Posted by Kiskilili

“I know it works in practice,” a French scholar (steeped in a tradition emphasizing Cartesian rationalism) is reported to have said, “but does it work in theory?” Certain churches may be the only institutions in this country that are more sexist in theory than they are in practice, as Mark Chaves suggests in his study Ordaining […]

Costs and Benefits of Patriarchy

Posted by Lynnette

As a feminist, I frequently blog about what I see as the problematic elements of patriarchy.  However, I realize that many members of the Church (not to mention Church leaders!) see the situation quite differently.  So I thought it might be interesting to simply see what I could come up with as far as potential […]