Zelophehad’s Daughters

A testimony.

Posted by Melyngoch

This week, with Lynnette here to visit, I finally succeeded in inflicting my current favorite movie ever upon the last family holdout: we made Eve watch Troll 2. I’m pleased to say that she enjoyed it much more than she expected; she was still talking about the infamous and inexplicable popcorn scene the next day. Most […]

Are There Any “Soft R” Movies? (and Other Movie Rating Musings)

Posted by Ziff

A few months ago, The Baron argued in a post at Waters of Mormon that a weakness of the MPAA movie rating scheme is that it considers only the movie’s worst content category (of violence, profanity, and sex). For example, if a movie has enough profanity to get an R rating, the R says nothing […]

A Paean to Pirates

Posted by Kiskilili

I’m head-over-heels in love with what I like to refer to affectionately as the “Pirate Movies” (known in more formal circles as Pirates of the Caribbean 1-3). And, yes, I do mean all of them, including the sequence set on the island of the cannabalistic Pelegostos in the second film (how can you not love a language […]