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From the archives: Tracting: Is It Worth Doing?

Posted by Ziff

In light of last week’s “Hastening the Work of Salvation” broadcast and the reduced emphasis on tracting it suggests, this post from 2008 might be relevant again. You can read the original post and discussion here. We tracted a lot in my mission. It was the activity we defaulted to if we had nothing else […]

Top Ten Reasons I’m Grateful for My Mission: 3

Posted by Galdralag

You can find the earlier posts in this series here and here. 3) The Interviews Every six weeks on my mission, the missionaries would have a one-on-one interview with the Mission President. Interviews were one of the only times that companionships were separated. These interviews were not particularly long – they would typically last anywhere […]

Top Ten Reasons I’m Grateful for My Mission: 2

Posted by Galdralag

You can find the earlier post in this series here. 2) The Mother’s Day Lesson My last companion was relatively new to her mission. The child of a recently widowed mother with several teenagers at home, one of her biggest worries as a missionary was that her mom would need her back home and she […]

Top Ten Reasons I’m Grateful for my Mission: 1

Posted by Galdralag

 This is the first post in a series on reasons I’m grateful for my mission. 1) The Stories As a missionary, I often felt like I was playing the part of an extra in the movies of other people’s lives. I felt I was mostly there to watch and listen; to hear their stories. Yet, […]

A Few Days Before Christmas: Notes from an MTC talk by Cheiko Okazaki

Posted by Galdralag

Nearly a decade ago I was a missionary, serving for three weeks in the Provo MTC before moving on to a smaller MTC in Latin America for the remainder of my Spanish language training. While I was in Provo, Sister Cheiko Okazaki (1926-2011), the former first counselor of the Relief Society General Presidency, came and […]

On Mission Hierarchy, Gender, and Organizational Communication

Posted by Galdralag

In support of RAH’s Sister Missionary Leadership Project over at fMh, here’s a post about my mission originally published at Both Sides Now in July of last year. In our mission we had APs and “Traveling Elders” who assisted with a lot of the nuts and bolts of mission organization (for a primer on the […]

Missionaries and Mental Health

Posted by Beatrice

In the middle of my mission, I had two very sick companions one after the other.  With both companions, their health was so bad that we slowly spent more and more time in the apartment until they were eventually sent home.  It was a challenging experience for me in both cases as I focused my […]

Implied Statistical Report Graphs

Posted by Ziff

Over at T&S, Kent Larsen wrote an interesting post based on the Church’s statistical report from Conference. He compared this year’s data with statistical reports from 5, 10, and 25 years ago. Since I find this kind of speculation so entertaining, I searched lds.org and found statistical reports all the way back to 1973 to […]

Better than Orange Juice

Posted by Ziff

In the October 2000 General Conference, Elder Robert C. Oaks compared our reluctance to invite people to join the Church to a person’s reluctance to share orange juice with a guest: Consider that you are invited to a friend’s house for breakfast. On the table you see a large pitcher of freshly squeezed orange juice […]

Tracting: Is It Worth Doing?

Posted by Ziff

We tracted a lot in my mission. It was the activity we defaulted to if we had nothing else to do, and we frequently had nothing else to do. But nobody I ever met through tracting was ever baptized. I’m sure this is at least partly a reflection on my (lack of) skill as a […]

More Thoughts on “Raising the Bar”

Posted by Ziff

The discussion of “raising the bar” in Steve Evans’s Friday Firestorm #24 last month at BCC got me to thinking about what the possible effects of this more stringent missionary screening policy might be. The screening process that includes interviews with a missionary candidate’s Bishop or Branch President can result in two types of errors. […]

Why Discourage Women from Serving Missions?

Posted by Ziff

About a month ago, my beloved sister (and occasional ZD contributor) Melyngoch entered the MTC on her way to the Sweden Stockholm mission. I expect that she will be a very good missionary. She seems to have a great sense of purpose: she knows who she is and what she is doing and why. I […]

Write What You Know, Know What You Write: A Review of Bradford Tice’s “Missionaries”

Posted by Eve

On my way out to Utah last week to attend my sister Melyngoch’s farewell and see her off on her mission to Sweden, my plane was delayed in Denver, and I violated the budget my husband and I agreed upon just hours before and bought the Atlantic’s summer fiction issue. (The Zelophehad family is not […]

The Ethics of Missionary Work

Posted by Lynnette

First of all, before I find myself pelted with tomatoes (or perhaps Books of Mormon) by an army of RMs, let me clarify that I don’t think that sharing something which you’ve found life-changing, something which you think could have tremendous potential benefits for others, is a bad thing to do; in fact, quite the […]

Blogging from North-West Cheeto Land

Posted by Melyngoch

There I was, last October, reading 2 Nephi over my morning Crunchy Corn Bran and Mountain Dew, and suddenly I thought, I think I’ll go on a mission. Yes, that’s a lovely idea. I’ll go convert those people who think they need no more Bible. Glad that’s settled. Are we out of skim milk?