Zelophehad’s Daughters

Nine Reasons I Can’t Write a Post Right Now

Posted by Elbereth

1. It’s after midnight and I really should be going to bed. 2. I’m too busy reading through all of the blog posts I started but never finished. 3. The gelato in the freezer is calling my name. 4. The cursor on my computer keeps jumping around, making it just too difficult to type. 5. […]

Come See Us at Sunstone!

Posted by ZD

Four of the ZDs (Ziff, Lynnette, Seraphine, and Kiskilili) will be on a panel at Sunstone this week.  We’ll be presenting Thursday morning, session 133, on the topic “Possibilities in Mormon Feminism.”  Yes, it sounds dry, but what would you expect from a bunch of academics?  And Ziff may liven things up with fun graphs […]

Check out Exponent’s Best of the Blog

Posted by ZD

We’re a bit slow at the moment, we know; evidently all the ZDs have gotten distracted by other life matters (where are our priorities?)  But if you’re looking for something fun to read, you should check out Exponent’s “Best of the Blog 2008.”

Complete Randomness

Posted by Vada

I haven’t blogged in a while, and I’m feeling a little guilty about it. (This is not to suggest that my fellow bloggers are in any way making me feel guilty. If you hadn’t figured it out, we’re kind of laid back about posting around here. No, the guilt is entirely self-induced.) The thing is, […]

There’s a Fly in My Room…

Posted by Vada

…and I want it to leave. I can think of two possible ways to get rid of it. A) Turn off the light. B) Kill it. A is problematic because I would feel guilty about turning the light back on, since my husband is in bed asleep next to me. And I can’t actually go […]

Fun with Charts: Niblet Results

Posted by Ziff

The 2006 Niblet results are available. Thanks to Dazzle for running them. I thought it might be fun to look at the results as bar charts.

the thing I lose the most

Posted by Vada

I’ve been enjoying all the great, deep discussion that has been going on around here lately. Unfortunately, my brain has not been up to deep discussion much recently. So I decided I needed to add a nice, fluffy post for myself, and for others whose brain power might be a little lacking at the moment. […]

Scripture Marking

Posted by Lynnette

The set of scriptures which I regularly take to church and read out of is one of those little quads, the kind that are convenient to carry around but which my mother complains have such small text as to be unreadable. I’ve had it for over a decade, but there isn’t a single mark in […]

Choosing the Left

Posted by Lynnette

I’m left-handed. It’s something I’ve always thought was kind of fun, despite the inconveniences of rooms with only tiny right-handed desks (think the JSB at BYU), getting ink smudges on my hand when I write, and the concern about risking my life should I ever attempt to use power tools.