Zelophehad’s Daughters

Let’s Make the Hymnbook More of a His and Hers Book

Posted by Mike C

This Sunday in sacrament meeting we sang the hymn O God, the Eternal Father. I noticed this time, more than previous times, the gender-exclusive language: That sacred, holy off’ring, By man least understood… With no apparent beauty, That man should him desire… To walk upon his footstool And be like man, almost… I understand that […]

Hymn Humor

Posted by Ziff

Not very good humor, mind you. Remember that I have a talent for dumbness. Consider yourself warned.

Approved Party Song #19

Posted by Ziff

In a discussion about the hymnbook at FMH a few weeks ago, patti said that her husband thinks Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel is the Communist fight song. This reminded me that many years ago, when I was in a BYU ward and this hymn was announced, a friend wrote a note referring to […]

From the Children’s Songbook to the Hymn Book

Posted by Ziff

If I understand correctly, several hymns in our hymn book appeared first as children’s songs. Isn’t this the case for Called to Serve, I Am a Child of God, and Families Can Be Together Forever? So, since the precedent is set, I would like to see Beautiful Savior, which currently appears only in the Children’s […]

Hymns by Request in Sacrament Meeting

Posted by Ziff

Three times since I’ve lived in my current ward, we’ve had a sacrament meeting that might be called “hymns by request.” Like a testimony meeting, there are no scheduled speakers; people get up as moved by the Spirit or by boredom. But unlike testimony meeting, what they’re asked to do is to name a hymn […]

Changing the Words to Hymns

Posted by Ziff

When I put my boys to bed at night, I often sing them hymns. One of their favorites is “There Is a Green Hill Far Away,” probably because it’s one of the few that I know all the verses to and can sing in the dark. But part of this hymn has always struck me […]