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More on Being Gay and Mormon: Some Simple Ways People Have Been Supportive

Posted by Lynnette

I’m not going to sugarcoat it: being a gay Mormon often feels like being in an impossible situation. But I also have to say that there are ways in which I consider myself quite fortunate. My family has been fabulous, and I have a lot of truly amazing LDS friends. So as a follow-up to […]

A Few Simple Ways to Talk More Constructively About Homosexuality (That Don’t Require Major Doctrinal Changes)

Posted by Lynnette

1) Drop the term “same-sex attraction,” as in, someone “suffering from SSA.” Being gay isn’t an illness. 2) Drop the term “lifestyle” as a description of gay relationships. Recognize that there is a difference between a promiscuous lifestyle (whether one is gay or straight), and a decision to be in a committed relationship, rather than […]

Pride (In the Name of Love)

Posted by Mike C

One man caught on a barbed wire fence One man he resist One man washed on an empty beach One man betrayed with a kiss In the name of love! What more in the name of love? In the name of love! What more? In the name of love! For seven years I home taught […]

Chicken change: A step forward or a sidestep?

Posted by Ziff

How has the Church’s view on homosexuality changed over time? In a post at T&S last year, Kaimi gave an overview of some of the major changes, and summarized them as follows: Over the course of the past three decades, the church’s stance has evolved from virulently anti-gay and homophobic, to its current soft-heterosexist approach […]

Mormon Gays in Mormon Plays, Part III

Posted by Katya

2009 Of the nine plays I (originally) found that met my criteria, I think it’s no accident that almost half of them have premiered since 2008. Whatever the tensions were between the LDS Church and the gay and lesbian community before that year, the heated battle over California’s Proposition 8 has increased them exponentially. Whether […]

Mormon Gays in Mormon Plays, Part II

Posted by Katya

1999 Banging the Bishop: Latter Day Prophecy, by Dustin B. Goltz Goltz was raised as a Reformed Jew, but became Mormon as a young man when missionaries came to his door. As a Mormon, he felt that he could be a good person who had a mission in life and divine potential. Also, he was […]

Mormon Gays in Mormon Plays: How Mormon Playwrights Portray Gay and Lesbian Mormons, Part I

Posted by Katya

Note: I originally intended to make this all one post, then realized that it was over 3,000 words long, so I’m splitting the topic into multiple posts. A few weeks ago, I learned that a friend of mine is raising money to stage a production of Melissa Leilani Larson’s Little Happy Secrets next year. The […]

Singled Out

Posted by Kiskilili

In the turbulent aftermath of proposition 8′s passage in California, the Church made some noise about being unfairly singled out by gay rights activitists. Whether or not the Church served as a lynchpin in the coalition that pushed the proposition through, its centralization alone makes it a logical target. But here I’m interested in turning the question around: […]

Inconclusive Musings on Gays in Eternity

Posted by Kiskilili

Surgeon General’s Warning: This post may result in skyrocketing blood pressure. For those who find theological speculation distasteful, please, stop reading immediately. Show some self-discipline and click away.