Zelophehad’s Daughters

Dona Nobis Aequalitatem

Posted by Pandora

In May of 2010, I was standing alone in my new room after having just started a new job for the summer working the dorms at BYU. I had just finished completely unpacking, and everything was in place and orderly. And it was at that moment, when all seemed settled, that I decided I had […]

Are gospel doctrines more vague when they are applied to women?

Posted by Beatrice

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is built upon the idea that we can seek answers to fundamental questions about ourselves and our relationship with God.  Many celebrate the peace they find in the church through having answers to life’s deepest questions. However, I would contend, that many of the essential doctrines […]

“What is God really like?”

Posted by Galdralag

When Beatrice and I were serving together as missionaries, we were lucky enough to be in a district that included the mission offices.  The APs and office Elders were in our district, so more often than not we held district meetings in a cozy conference room in the main mission office building, giving us frequent […]

Mormonism Has the Most Sexist Cosmology of Any Religion

Posted by Kiskilili

Our planet’s head support staff is comprised of three males: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Heavenly Mother gets an occasional sideways glance in current publications (and so do her sister wives if you go back a bit), but is never mentioned even once in any scriptural or liturgical text; she’s a grainy mirage of a […]

Heavenly Mother: Is This Line Secure? (or, the Heavenly Mother Catch-22)

Posted by Lynnette

The LDS church is often portrayed (and not without reason) as a highly authoritarian institution.  When the prophet speaks, you’re expected to listen.  But every Latter-day Saint knows that this comes with a significant caveat.  If you’re skeptical about something you hear, you can skip all intermediaries and go directly to God for your own […]

Musings on the Mormon Mary

Posted by Kiskilili

Among Mormons motherhood is held up as the “highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind [sic].” One might discern, then, a vaguely Mary-shaped silhouette in our discourse in the negative space between our focus on Jesus as the consummate man and our insistence on the near-divinity of motherhood.  In the heavenly realm we lack anything other than a wisp of an ultimate example of […]

Contemplating the Divine Feminine

Posted by ZD

(In case you missed our April 1 transformation)

Does Elohim include Heavenly Mother?

Posted by Kiskilili

I’ve often heard it repeated in the Church that Elohim, the Hebrew word for “God,” refers not just to God the Father but to a divine Couple. The evidence adduced for this position is the fact that in Hebrew the term is morphologically a masculine plural. (Its singular form, Eloah, also appears in the Bible, […]

Why I Don’t Want to Believe in Heavenly Mother

Posted by Lynnette

It’s high time I confess a heresy that may put me at odds both with many Mormons and with many feminists: I’m not really all that enamored of the idea of the divine feminine, of the doctrine that we have a Heavenly Mother. I don’t recall when I first encountered the teaching that we have […]