Zelophehad’s Daughters

“What is God really like?”

Posted by Galdralag

When Beatrice and I were serving together as missionaries, we were lucky enough to be in a district that included the mission offices.  The APs and office Elders were in our district, so more often than not we held district meetings in a cozy conference room in the main mission office building, giving us frequent […]

Can Women Be Exalted?

Posted by Lynnette

One of the questions which came up in my post last fall about my reservations concerning the doctrine of Heavenly Mother was that of female exaltation more generally. It’s an issue that’s been at the back of my mind ever since. The discussion on my recent poll about the Celestial Kingdom inspired me to re-visit […]

Do You Want to Go to the Celestial Kingdom?

Posted by Lynnette

n Do you want to go to the Celestial Kingdom? Of course–what could be better? Probably, though I have some reservations It’s iffy; I might want it but I’m not sure Doubtful; it doesn’t sound all that great Nope; I’d rather be somewhere else Other View Results I have to admit that I’ve never been […]

Animals and Souls

Posted by Kiskilili

Several years ago my little sister’s friend had an indoor cat who (therefore) had never been spayed. One afternoon the cat tore the screen of a second-story window in half, jumped out, and, one can only assume, met up for a romantic interlude with an unspecified ne’er-do-well of a tom. The result was four fantastically […]

The University of Heaven

Posted by Kiskilili

I’ve never been to heaven, and will likely never go. I imagine my application will be consigned to the dumpster outside the Pearly Gates without much ado; my letters of recommendation are hardly stellar, my scores on the Holiness Records Examination are rather lackluster, and my statement of purpose is unfocused and tentative. Even so, […]

The Role of Women in Heaven

Posted by Kiskilili

Inspired by Starfoxy’s excellent question about the role of women in heaven (see the thread on gendered language), I thought I would take this opportunity to ramble. I admit, I’m confused. Correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding is that our sliver of knowledge about Heavenly Mother (i.e., she exists), was a “revelation” to […]