Zelophehad’s Daughters

A Correlated Mormon Gender Issues Survey

Posted by Ziff

It has come to the attention of the Church Correlation Department that a so-called group of so-called academics has undertaken to do a so-called survey on so-called gender issues among so-called members of the so-called Church. As internet information (including surveys) do not have a truth filter, the Correlation Department has undertaken to edit the […]

What Do LDS Men Get?

Posted by Beatrice

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, what do men get? That’s a pretty good question. What do we get? I was thinking about that question a month or so ago, when I had occasion to be interviewed by a reporter representing a major magazine in Europe, and this reporter was very, very […]

Mild Molly Mormon

Posted by Mike C

(As told by Norman the Mormon, hat tip to Shel Silverstein) Mild Molly Mormon, quoth her first cousin Norman, Grew up as good Church members do. She was always in meetings, exchanging hail greetings Preparing for ol’ BYU. And while in her youth, the Church teachings, forsooth, Played sweetly upon her young heartstrings, their truth Suffused […]

To the Rescue

Posted by Mike C

I support Ordain Women and the call for Church leaders to ask God for new revelation on women receiving the Priesthood. I am impressed by the many women and men who eloquently express their pain and their faith through blog posts and Facebook comments, hoping and praying for change in the Church they love. I […]

Dona Nobis Aequalitatem

Posted by Pandora

In May of 2010, I was standing alone in my new room after having just started a new job for the summer working the dorms at BYU. I had just finished completely unpacking, and everything was in place and orderly. And it was at that moment, when all seemed settled, that I decided I had […]

“I never noticed women weren’t praying in Conference”

Posted by Ziff

In the discussion of the Let Women Pray movement, one of the comments I heard most frequently was something along the lines of “I never noticed women weren’t praying in Conference.” In a few cases, the context suggested that the statement was being made as a marker of being more righteous than thou, but in […]

Another Conversation Stopper

Posted by Beatrice

There are several phrases commonly used to shut down discussions surrounding gender issues in the LDS church.  My co-bloggers have already discussed several including: “If you only understood your role as a woman, you would be happy.” and “Admit it. What you really want is the priesthood.”  One that I have been thinking about a […]

It wasn’t about pants…but then it became about pants. And that’s why I’m wearing pants.

Posted by Apame

PANTSPOCALYPSE! No, seriously. There are, at this very moment, a lot of people who are convinced that the end of the world is coming because of trousers.  In church even!  On ladies! The Mayans predicted this!

On Mission Hierarchy, Gender, and Organizational Communication

Posted by Galdralag

In support of RAH’s Sister Missionary Leadership Project over at fMh, here’s a post about my mission originally published at Both Sides Now in July of last year. In our mission we had APs and “Traveling Elders” who assisted with a lot of the nuts and bolts of mission organization (for a primer on the […]

Coercion: Stop it

Posted by Apame

One of my first posts at ZD was about what I called my “feminist awakening.”  I pinpointed it to a particular summer, the first of my graduate studies.  But, I don’t think it really explained the bigger picture of what really was happening.  That summer wasn’t the beginning of my discomfort with gender inequality, it […]

LDS Undergraduate Women: “Major” Decisions

Posted by Beatrice

Being a woman in a male dominated major at a school with a large LDS population can be difficult.  Although many of the male students won’t treat women any differently, there are some who will act threatened by or uncomfortable with women in these programs.  It is not that uncommon for women to be told […]


Posted by Eve

Verily I say, men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness; For the power is in them, wherein they are agents unto themselves. And inasmuch as men do good they shall in nowise lose their reward. –Doctrine and Covenants […]

Critical Thinking and the Modesty Meme; or, Why We Need More English Majors

Posted by Melyngoch

Likely everyone has come across the following internet/facebook meme, but just in case you’ve been backpacking in the Andes for the last two weeks with no wifi, or don’t have well-meaning conservative facebook friends, or have blocked all the well-meaning conservative facebook friends, or just aren’t on facebook precisely so you can avoid things like […]

Reason and Emotion

Posted by Beatrice

When the BBC’s modern version of Sherlock aired in 2010, it appealed to my deep seated love of problem solving, mysteries and attention to detail. I had read The Hound of the Baskervilles and one or two of the short stories in the past, but decided to read the entire Sherlock canon, which is comprised […]

You Talkin’ to Me, Mormon?

Posted by Ziff

I’m in favor of modifying the scriptures to give them gender-inclusive language. I’ve always thought that the strongest argument for this is that gender-exclusive language makes them insulting to women. But I recently encountered another argument that I also find quite persuasive: women find it more difficult to read the scriptures as addressing them.

Data Deniers’ Delight: The Mormon Gender Gap Is Unremarkable

Posted by Ziff

Pew’s 2007 Religious Landscape Survey (of the US) found that 56% of respondents who identified as LDS were women. Is that a lot?

Actually, sameness and equality have a lot in common.

Posted by Melyngoch

Men and women in the church are equal; they’re just not the same. They have different roles, but their different roles are equal. And when you let women do the same things as men do, you’re not making them equal; you’re just trying to make them the same. This is among the most frequent means […]

My Feminist Beginning: The Joseph Smith Seminar

Posted by Apame

It has always intrigued me to hear about people’s “realization moments”–for it seems that, often, women and men come to understand feminism in a sudden moment in time when it became clear, or a series of common events that string together to form the sentence, “Something is not right here.” I have these moments, and […]

The Circularity of “Separate but Equal”: A Dialogue in Socratic Form.

Posted by Melyngoch

Socrates and his pal Piggly-Wiggly are out for a post-Thanksgiving pre-Advent walk down by the river. Piggly-wiggly: . . . and you know what else? Short people. Short people just need to learn to accept their divinely-appointed height role. It’s not a lesser role, just because they’re not allowed to hold public office or propose […]

A Partner to Adam

Posted by Lynnette

In describing the honored place of women in the plan of salvation, LDS leaders commonly cite the narrative found in Genesis 2, in which Eve is created as a helpmeet to Adam. They often emphasize that in order to be a true helpmeet she would have to be the equal of Adam, and reference the […]