Zelophehad’s Daughters

Monty Python’s The Meaning of Mormon Feminist Life

Posted by Petra

Did you spend your weekend on General Conference? ****

The Movement to Hang Pictures of Female Leaders in Church Buildings

Posted by Mike C

Unless you live under a rock, you are no doubt aware of the high-profile movement that has been urging Church leaders to pray to ask God for new revelation regarding the hanging of pictures of female leaders in prominent church buildings. Led by Washington, D.C.-based human rights attorney Sherri Shelley, this movement has been making waves […]

Area Mormon Called to Serve as a Facebook Member

Posted by Mike C

In a dramatic move viewed by many observers as a step towards hastening the Lord’s work in the last days, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints called their first Facebook member. Area man Aaron Fizz, of the Provo 279th ward, was asked by his bishop to accept the calling of a Facebook member, […]

I am TBM

Posted by Mike C

(Best if read aloud, preferably to your children) I am TBM. TBM I am. That T-B-M That T-B-M! I do not like that T-B-M! Do you like the patriarchy sham? I do not like it, TBM. I do not like the patriarchy sham.

Fan Mail

Posted by Lynnette

Anyone who has a blog knows that the ratio of spam to actual comments is crazy high. On ZD over the past five years, we’ve had about 16,000 comments—and 215,000 pieces of spam. Fortunately almost all of it gets caught, though some occasionally make their way through. (More unfortunately, sometimes actual comments get mislabeled, so […]

A testimony.

Posted by Melyngoch

This week, with Lynnette here to visit, I finally succeeded in inflicting my current favorite movie ever upon the last family holdout: we made Eve watch Troll 2. I’m pleased to say that she enjoyed it much more than she expected; she was still talking about the infamous and inexplicable popcorn scene the next day. Most […]

from Elder Bednar’s October 2011 General Conference Talk

Posted by Melyngoch

Sister Bednar and I are acquainted with a returned missionary who had dated a special young man for a period of time. She cared for him very much, and she was desirous of making their relationship more serious. She was considering and hoping for engagement and marriage.

The Circularity of “Separate but Equal”: A Dialogue in Socratic Form.

Posted by Melyngoch

Socrates and his pal Piggly-Wiggly are out for a post-Thanksgiving pre-Advent walk down by the river. Piggly-wiggly: . . . and you know what else? Short people. Short people just need to learn to accept their divinely-appointed height role. It’s not a lesser role, just because they’re not allowed to hold public office or propose […]

Nine Reasons I Can’t Write a Post Right Now

Posted by Elbereth

1. It’s after midnight and I really should be going to bed. 2. I’m too busy reading through all of the blog posts I started but never finished. 3. The gelato in the freezer is calling my name. 4. The cursor on my computer keeps jumping around, making it just too difficult to type. 5. […]

The Five Universal Truths of Road Trips

Posted by Elbereth

I’ve recently had the opportunity to do a lots of driving (somewhere over three thousand miles all told) and I think I’ve discovered the five universal truths of road trips. 1. Books on MP3 (aka CD/tape) make the trip go faster. I listen to audiobooks to help my apartment get clean faster but this time […]

Contemplating the Divine Feminine

Posted by ZD

(In case you missed our April 1 transformation)

Random Facts: Tell Us About Yourself

Posted by Vada

I’m feeling a little guilty because no one has posted anything here for a while (and our last post was even a guest post — thanks Beatrice!). But I’m also pretty much incapable of higher thought function at the moment, so you get to read some more random nothingness. There has recently been a fad […]

Rearranging Zelophehad’s Daughters

Posted by Ziff

If you’ve visited recently, you may have noticed that elements of our sidebars have been moving around. We recently upgraded our WordPress installation, so Lynnette has been tidying everything up in the aftermath, when of course some plugins failed and now have to be replaced. But rather than rearranging pieces of our blog, I’m thinking […]

Three Years of ZD, and an Invitation to Say Hello

Posted by Lynnette

Today marks ZD’s third anniversary.  Our third year has been perhaps a bit slower than the previous two in terms of regular posting, but we’re happy that we’ve managed to stay alive (albeit with occasional long pauses between posts).  Our approach to blogging, as you’ve doubtless observed, is random and haphazard.  No one on ZD […]

Approved Party Song #19

Posted by Ziff

In a discussion about the hymnbook at FMH a few weeks ago, patti said that her husband thinks Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel is the Communist fight song. This reminded me that many years ago, when I was in a BYU ward and this hymn was announced, a friend wrote a note referring to […]

Books, Mormons, and Statistics, part II

Posted by Katya

Ziff, Ray, and Kent Larsen had it right — the Book of Mormon has the largest standard deviation in ratings of any book on the site. The stat is called “25 Books People Can’t Agree On” and you can see it at the bottom of this page. The Book of Mormon may be at the […]

Books, Mormons, and Statistics

Posted by Katya

If you like books and statistics, you’ll love LibraryThing. They have 554,277 members who have cataloged 33,647,263 books of which 3,850,295 are unique works not shared by anyone else on the site. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s [Philosopher’s] Stone is owned by more people than anyone else (37,254 copies, 3 of which are mine), although […]

Know Your Naccle I: Match the Comment to the Commenter

Posted by The Bouncer

By our reckoning, it’s time for a well-earned break from aggregator politics, Proposition 8, and the finer points of topless-male-missionary-calendar excommunication. Following are nine excerpts from posts and comments–some quite recent, some positively antique–made by nine well-known denizens of the Bloggernacle. Can you identify the blogger who said each of the following? (Hint: each blogger […]

Stuffed Animals and the Transmigration of Souls

Posted by Lynnette

I have a small stuffed bear by the name of Juliana (named after the dashing Dr. Julian Bashir of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine). I got her as a birthday present about ten years ago, and she quickly developed a unique personality. She has a somewhat sad look to her, which has led to much […]

Renouncing the Philosophies of Women, Mingled With Scripture

Posted by ZD

We at ZD are pleased to announce that we’ve made a surprising and delightful discovery: our radiant inner femininity is a true blessing to the world, and, in light of this ephiphany, we’ve begun embracing our divine gender roles in earnest. We’ve long felt there was something sadly lacking in our lives, and we’ve found […]