Zelophehad’s Daughters

Sometimes I Dream

Posted by Mike C

Sometimes I dream that I’m watching a girl drown. The water is deep and dark, the current is strong yet gentle, almost caressing her. It seems to be a slow-motion drowning, lacking in drama and velocity. And I’m standing right there on the shore, waving my arms ineffectually as I look on in despair. I am useless. Sometimes it […]

Polygamy and Fatherhood

Posted by Kiskilili

In the past we’ve argued repeatedly on the bloggernacle over the ways in which polygyny, in particular, does (or does not) negatively impact women, who are asked to share their husbands with rival wives but are also potentially afforded worldly opportunities while their sister wives conveniently stay home and play Hausfrau and nanny.

Fathers are Just Irreplaceable; They Don’t Need to Preside to be Important

Posted by Kiskilili

One popular way of slashing through the Gordian knot that is the term “preside” in Mormon thought is to assert that it is merely ceremonial and thus utterly insignificant to the power dynamics of marriage. In this model, specifically in order to be consonant with a system of equal partnership, “presiding” by definition must entail the fulfillment of tasks […]

Are Children Products?

Posted by Kiskilili

Sometimes the way we talk about motherhood in the Church it sounds like we’re issuing directions for some very special full-time (and I mean full-time) employees at the pumpkin patch on how to raise gargantuan or unusually shaped pumpkins that will garner blue ribbons at the state fair. The only trouble is, the size and […]