Zelophehad’s Daughters

We don’t need no stinkin’ dictionary!

Posted by Ziff

This is an exchange between Jane Little and Michael Otterson in Little’s BBC piece “Sister Saints – Women and the Mormons” (starting at about 11:20; also see the accompanying article here): JL: Just to deal with Kate Kelly, just to clarify, was she excommunicated for apostasy? MO: The letter that went out, that they actually […]

Approaching Zion

Posted by Mike C

In my latest post I shared my words from my ward’s latest fast and testimony meeting. It was intensely personal to me; I sniffled through some of it, something I almost never do despite my good Mormon upbringing. Even so, I posted my testimony because I wanted to give encouragement to those members who, for […]

Taking Ally Isom at Her Word

Posted by Mike C

On Sunday I decided to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting and talk about my involvement with Ordain Women. I’ve transcribed below approximately what I said. In case you were wondering, in my opinion it was only the third strangest testimony of the meeting. Yay for Mormon weirdness! Next post I’ll share the response so far from […]

The Movement to Hang Pictures of Female Leaders in Church Buildings

Posted by Mike C

Unless you live under a rock, you are no doubt aware of the high-profile movement that has been urging Church leaders to pray to ask God for new revelation regarding the hanging of pictures of female leaders in prominent church buildings. Led by Washington, D.C.-based human rights attorney Sherri Shelley, this movement has been making waves […]

Let’s Make the Hymnbook More of a His and Hers Book

Posted by Mike C

This Sunday in sacrament meeting we sang the hymn O God, the Eternal Father. I noticed this time, more than previous times, the gender-exclusive language: That sacred, holy off’ring, By man least understood… With no apparent beauty, That man should him desire… To walk upon his footstool And be like man, almost… I understand that […]

Mild Molly Mormon

Posted by Mike C

(As told by Norman the Mormon, hat tip to Shel Silverstein) Mild Molly Mormon, quoth her first cousin Norman, Grew up as good Church members do. She was always in meetings, exchanging hail greetings Preparing for ol’ BYU. And while in her youth, the Church teachings, forsooth, Played sweetly upon her young heartstrings, their truth Suffused […]

How to Disavow the Priesthood Ban

Posted by Mike C

For many years the Priesthood ban has been a matter of embarrassment and consternation to many Mormons. It makes us seem close-minded and exclusionary as a church, and seems to contradict many of our scriptures and core teachings–God not being a respecter of persons, all are alike unto God, etc. We struggle to explain it […]

To the Rescue

Posted by Mike C

I support Ordain Women and the call for Church leaders to ask God for new revelation on women receiving the Priesthood. I am impressed by the many women and men who eloquently express their pain and their faith through blog posts and Facebook comments, hoping and praying for change in the Church they love. I […]

Please, Emperor, Prayerfully Consider a Wardrobe Change

Posted by Mike C

In the story of the Emperor’s new clothes, the Emperor is fooled by some charlatans into paying a lot of money for some invisible clothes. As he parades through the town in his underwear, the cowed crowds lining the street applaud and praise his marvelous new clothes. It is not until a boy yells out, […]

Another Conversation Stopper

Posted by Beatrice

There are several phrases commonly used to shut down discussions surrounding gender issues in the LDS church.  My co-bloggers have already discussed several including: “If you only understood your role as a woman, you would be happy.” and “Admit it. What you really want is the priesthood.”  One that I have been thinking about a […]

It wasn’t about pants…but then it became about pants. And that’s why I’m wearing pants.

Posted by Apame

PANTSPOCALYPSE! No, seriously. There are, at this very moment, a lot of people who are convinced that the end of the world is coming because of trousers.  In church even!  On ladies! The Mayans predicted this!

Actually, sameness and equality have a lot in common.

Posted by Melyngoch

Men and women in the church are equal; they’re just not the same. They have different roles, but their different roles are equal. And when you let women do the same things as men do, you’re not making them equal; you’re just trying to make them the same. This is among the most frequent means […]

My Feminist Beginning: The Joseph Smith Seminar

Posted by Apame

It has always intrigued me to hear about people’s “realization moments”–for it seems that, often, women and men come to understand feminism in a sudden moment in time when it became clear, or a series of common events that string together to form the sentence, “Something is not right here.” I have these moments, and […]

Most Quoted Parts of the Proclamation on the Family

Posted by Ziff

A recent discussion at fMh turned, as so many do, to a discussion of whether Church teachings about marriage emphasize more that the husband should preside or that the husband and wife should be equal partners. Given this question, I thought it might be interesting to look at whether the “presiding” part or the “equal […]

Exploring a Misconception about Feminism: Women’s Superiority

Posted by Seraphine

One of the complaints I often hear about feminism (on the bloggernacle and elsewhere) is that feminists say that women are superior to men, or that feminism is about advancing women above or ahead of men (etc.). When I hear this I am confused, since in all women’s studies classes I’ve taught and in all […]

Why I Worry

Posted by Seraphine

Preface: A month or two ago, there were a few conversations on the bloggernacle that highlighted a couple of common responses to feminist concerns. Dan Ellsworth over at Mormon Mentality decided to give the ZD bloggers some advice: he argued that we spend too much time thinking about the church (and our feminist concerns), and […]

Inequality: perception or reality?

Posted by Vada

Comments on various threads here have made me think about an issue I’ve always had. People (women, blacks, Latinos, just about everyone) complain about inequality a lot, but in my experience there is more complaining than there is inequality. This is not to say that inequality doesn’t exist. But I still think it’s sometimes more […]

Separate but Equal?

Posted by Seraphine

So, as a follow-up post to my post on the difference between “equality and sameness,” I thought I’d make a post on what “equality” might actually mean within the context of the church.

Exploring a Misconception about Feminism: Difference and Equality

Posted by Seraphine

In the bloggernacle, one of the statements that I hear over and over again from non-feminists is: “I don’t support feminism because I don’t think that women should be the exact same as men” (or as a recent blogger put it at the Blogger of Jared [it’s in the comments], we shouldn’t be “trying to […]

“Radical Heterosexuality”: Do We Want Equality?

Posted by Seraphine

Last year I started an individual blog which is currently defunct, and this is a repost of a post from that blog. I wrote it nearly a year ago, but it’s an issue that’s been on my mind lately, and our conversations about presiding reminded me of it again. It’s just a few thoughts on […]