Zelophehad’s Daughters

The Confessions of Saint Andrew

Posted by Mike C

This guest post is brought to us by my brother, Andrew C. I tell a story about my grandparents that may be completely made up. They were looking forward to a fireside about marriage, and the morning before the presentation, their bishop told everyone in the congregation that, if they didn’t have a perfect marriage, […]

Impressions of a Girl Lost at Sea

Posted by Mike C

This guest post is brought to us by my daughter, the crooked girl. Recently I wrote a post on my perspective of her depression, and I invited her to write her own experience. This is what she wrote: ——————————– Nobody heard him, the dead man,    But still he lay moaning: I was much further out […]

Sometimes I Dream

Posted by Mike C

Sometimes I dream that I’m watching a girl drown. The water is deep and dark, the current is strong yet gentle, almost caressing her. It seems to be a slow-motion drowning, lacking in drama and velocity. And I’m standing right there on the shore, waving my arms ineffectually as I look on in despair. I am useless. Sometimes it […]

Aurora Shooting-We need to talk about better identification and treatment for mental illness

Posted by Beatrice

Although this post is a bit off topic for a Mormon/feminist blog, I feel that it is important enough to discuss that I am including it here.  As most people are likely aware, on July 20th a 24-year-old man came through the exit door of a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and opened fire on […]

Mood Disorders and the Spirit

Posted by Seraphine

I was inspired to write and make this post because of the series over at By Common Consent on Mormons and Mental Illness. I’m a graduate student in my late 20s who’s suffered from bipolar disorder since my early 20s. I have no formal training in psychology, but one of my academic interests is psychology […]