Zelophehad’s Daughters

Making Space for Myself as an Uncorrelated Mormon–Part 4: Learning to Say No

Posted by Mike C

I’m going to share with you something important I’ve learned in therapy (said the blogger, both of his remaining readers scrambling for the exits). In order to have healthy relationships, we need to have healthy boundaries. And when constructing boundaries, we must be aware that they can be either too porous or too rigid. First, […]

Another Conversation Stopper

Posted by Beatrice

There are several phrases commonly used to shut down discussions surrounding gender issues in the LDS church.  My co-bloggers have already discussed several including: “If you only understood your role as a woman, you would be happy.” and “Admit it. What you really want is the priesthood.”  One that I have been thinking about a […]

The Fine Art of Spiritual Vaccines

Posted by Petra

I was recently called as my ward’s early-morning seminary teacher. I’ll pause to let you all wince. There are many challenges to this calling, but, to my surprise, waking up at 5:15 AM is not the greatest challenge. (This isn’t to say it’s the smallest challenge, either; I’m not a morning person, at all, and […]

Nursery Etiquette, or, What I Wish Others Knew About My Calling

Posted by Eve

As Mormons we are theologically committed to experiential, bodily knowledge. And we all know there are some things you never really understand until you’re actually in the trenches, dealing with a situation as it unfolds on the ground. Here are a few of the things I’ve learned in the several times I’ve served as a […]

The Inspired Call: Overstating the Case?

Posted by Eve

A couple of months ago, I received a new calling. I’d sufficiently recovered from certain previous callings to feel that I could yet again give church a chance and make my availability known. In many respects, I was extremely fortunate in the way that process played out. A woman I know and like had recently […]

On Asking to Be Released

Posted by Vada

I know we’ve talked about this subject before, but since I’m currently debating with myself over it, I decided to bring it up again and let the rest of you debate with me. I’m currently the leader of the wolf den in cub scouts (with another woman) and the teacher of the 6-7yo primary class […]

Who should have the calling?

Posted by Vada

Please answer gender-appropriately, as I’m curious if men and women feel differently about this. Also, if you’re single feel free to answer hypothetically. n Would you rather hold a time-consuming calling or would you rather your spouse held one? I’m a woman, and I’d rather hold the calling myself. I’d rather my husband held the […]