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Which GAs Do Readers of Different Blogs Like?

Posted by Ziff

I thought this might be a fun question to look at, and thanks to Facebook’s Graph Search, I have at least an approximate way to answer it. Graph Search will let you look for people who “like” different combinations of pages. (For the remainder of this post, I’m going to drop the quotation marks on […]

Is There a Way to Find Common Ground?

Posted by Mike C

Last year I was on a long car ride with my parents, who were visiting from out of state. My mom and I ended up having a discussion about gay marriage, and it was then that I started thinking about this problem of finding common ground–that is, the problem of Mormons like me and Mormons […]

Every Bloggernacle Argument About Feminism, As Told in GIFs

Posted by Petra

Trigger warning: feminism.

Nacle Notebook 2013: Funny Comments

Posted by Ziff

This post is a list of some of the funniest comments I read on the Bloggernacle in 2013. In case you haven’t already seen them, here are links to similar lists from previous years: 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008. The comments are in roughly chronological order. Most of the original comments are longer, and I’ve […]

Free to Be…You and Me

Posted by Mike C

The big toe on my left foot is purple and the nail, like the hair on my head, is starting to fall out. I wish I could say this was an unusual state of affairs, but ever since I took up soccer again, I find my body perpetually suffering from minor traumas. While limping around […]

Nacle Notebook 2012: Funny Comments

Posted by Ziff

Below is a list of some of the funniest comments I read on the Bloggernacle in 2012. This is my fifth annual list. Here are links to lists from previous years: 2011 2010 2009 2008.


Posted by Vada

My husband and I are working on adopting, which is a large part of why I’ve been mostly absent here for the last year. I wrote this post last night on our adoption blog, but I thought it might generate some good discussion here, and go along nicely with some of the recent posts, so […]

Nacle Notebook 2011: Funny Comments

Posted by Ziff

Here are some of the funniest comments I read in the Bloggernacle in 2011.

Fan Mail

Posted by Lynnette

Anyone who has a blog knows that the ratio of spam to actual comments is crazy high. On ZD over the past five years, we’ve had about 16,000 comments—and 215,000 pieces of spam. Fortunately almost all of it gets caught, though some occasionally make their way through. (More unfortunately, sometimes actual comments get mislabeled, so […]

Nacle Notebook 2010: Funny Comments

Posted by Ziff

Below is a list of some of the funniest comments I read in the Bloggernacle in 2010. Note that in most cases, I’ve taken excerpts from longer comments. Each commenter’s name is a link to the original comment (except for comments at Mormon Matters, which are no longer displayed at the site).

Warning: Reading this post may make you dumber

Posted by Ziff

Reading this post may make you dumber. Not (only) because of bad arguments I might make, but because you’re reading it on a computer.

I’m thankful for Feminist Mormon Housewives

Posted by Ziff

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the blog Feminist Mormon Housewives.

New Mormon Blogs

Posted by ZD

Launching today are two new Mormon group blogs. Wheat and Tares features many of the bloggers who recently left Mormon Matters. Also launching today is Doves and Serpents, where “Daily columns will cover Arts, Film, Religion & Spirituality, Family & Gender, Service, ‘Exploring the World’ and more” (quote is from their Twitter feed). Rumors that […]

Nacle Notebook 2009: Funny comments

Posted by Ziff

Last year I compiled some of the funniest comments I had seen in my reading of the Bloggernacle in the previous year into a post.  I got a lot of positive comments on the post, so I’ve decided to try it again. Here’s my list of some of the funniest comments I read in the […]

My Nacle Notebook 2008: Interesting Comments

Posted by Ziff

Here’s an experience I frequently have on the Bloggernacle. I read a post and think of a great response. Then I read through the comments and find that someone else already made my point, typically with greater eloquence and precision of thought.

My Nacle Notebook 2008: Funny comments

Posted by Ziff

During the Niblets, a random John said that he enjoys looking back at the stuff that gets nominated more than he enjoys the voting. I tend to agree with him. There are all kinds of interesting, funny, amazing, and touching things written in the Bloggernacle. But I have a short memory, and I typically don’t […]

Nacle Numbers, 2003-2008, Part 2: The Blogs

Posted by Ziff

Last year, I counted up posts and comments for 11 Bloggernacle group blogs and found that By Common Consent was the largest in 2007, in terms of both posts and comments. So which blog was the biggest in 2008?

Nacle Numbers, 2003-2008, Part 1

Posted by Ziff

Last year I threw together a big pile of numbers, counting during the previous year the number and length of posts and comments on 11 Bloggernacle blogs, as well who wrote them. A question that came up a few times in the ensuing discussions was what the numbers would look like across several years. So […]

Ten Thousand Comments

Posted by Lynnette

In our recent discussion of theory and practice, ZD hit 10,000 comments.  (The 10,000th comment, by the way, was Geoff J’s #6 on that thread.  Congratulations, Geoff; your prize, a T-shirt that says “This is What a Feminist Looks Like,” and a subscription to BUST magazine, will be in the mail.)  I have to say […]

A (Very) Little Data on Mom Blogs and Nacle Blogs

Posted by Ziff

This post is a comment on the Mom Blogs versus the Bloggernacle Blogs discussion at BCC last week. Specifically,  when the question of size and exposure of different blogs came up, Vada asked if I could crunch some numbers on the question.